New Lion fish, file fish, and blue spot puffer fish-how do I catch the mandarin?

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Hi all, the seahorse tank is progressing and after much research, I have changed my mind on the sps tank.
It now houses a blue spot puffer, two file fish, and a lion fish. The mandarin will be moved to the seahorse tank (I am trying to capture as we speak and help is appreciated).
Here is the Blue Spot Puffer and Dwarf Lion
puffer and lion fish.2015.2.jpg

The Green file fish is much less shy than the plain one!

According to what I have read, these species will get along well but I have really got to get that mandarin out of there before the Lion fish decides to taste him.
Any help is appreciated!
I caught the mandarin at evening feeding! I did upset the lion though! I cornered them both and the mandarin swam to the top to get away and I swooped him up with the net-hope the lion settles down soon, he was not happy.
Meanwhile, the mandarin is in the seahorse tank!
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