New In Box, Old School Aquaclear Review

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    Starting another review

    It's an Aquaclear HOB right after they changed the naming system from the older "gph" to the newer "tank size" nomenclature. This is from the pre-Fluval period.

    The AC70 was previously the AC300. The original Aquaclears date back to around 1979 I believe.

    The following packaging appears to be right when Aquaclear started using the new AC 20-30-50-70-100 names. This is the original Aquaclear 70 box.

    Versions afterwards had full box color printing, added Bio-Max media and the "Cycle-Guard" logo.



    I estimate the date of manufacturer of this unit to be around the early 2000's.
    If anyone can post a pic of the original Aquaclear 300 box, that would be great.

    Later, I will post pics of the contents of the box, along with a full review and a comparison to the Fluval version.

    This particular unit is new in box.

    Special thanks to @Cichlidude for making this happen !!
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    Just thought I would pay if forward...