New!! Idea!! That would let me get a goldfish!

  1. MaddieLynn Well Known Member Member

    OK, here's my all-new idea that would allow me to get a goldfish. I need opinions.

    Here's what I currently have tank-wise:

    1 empty 5 gallon tank
    1 10 gallon tank, containing a devilish red-eyed puffer
    1 29 gallon tank, containing 5 zebra danios, 11 neons, and 1 (possibly more) kuhli loach(es)

    So here's the idea:

    Move the puffer to the 5 gallon. He's only about 1.5" long and I don't think he's grown a bit since the day I got him last March.

    Move the neons into the 10 gallon, and the loach also.

    Leave the danios in the 29 gallon and add a goldfish, since I know that the danios can also be cool-ish water fish. I'm planning on keeping the temp about 72-74, since fancy goldies like slightly warmer temps than regular goldies.

    Opinions? Would it be mean to my puffer to suddenly dump him into a home half the size of his old one? I have a ton of extra bits and pieces of filter media in various filters so cycling won't be an issue. One of the objections I've gotten is that the 29 gallon tank is in the main room while the 10 gallon is on the bathroom counter, so the neons wouldn't be nearly as visible as before.

    Would this work? Would it be a good idea? What are some things I might want to consider before doing this?

    Edit: I just put everything in on Aqadvisor and it all works out...
  2. Jake the Fish Member Member

    Well I wouldn't recommend putting zebra danios with Goldfish. Mainly because zebra's are really aggressive and would nip the goldfish's fins. Everything else is fine but you might need to put the zebra's in the 10G. That way you might be able to get 2 goldfish in your 29G. It is recommended that 1 goldfish has a 20G and any additional ones would be 10G extra.
  3. chrisb01 Well Known Member Member

    Put the Danios in the ten gal. instead. And leave the Neons to be with the Goldfish. :;2cents
  4. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    Neons and goldies don't have the same temperature requirements.

    MaddieLynn, maybe you need more tanks. :;laughing
  5. chrisb01 Well Known Member Member

    Noens and Goldies have been out of the river and natural habitat for so long, they don't care about water temperature anymore. :;google
  6. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    Chris, welcome to FL. :)
    I know neon tetras can be kept in a bit cooler water, down to 68 degrees, I think. But they like their temperature steadily maintained.

    My understanding is that goldfish can be in much colder temps, and actually like the temp to fluctuate during the day and also with the seasons.

    I'm so expert, though. :)
  7. chrisb01 Well Known Member Member

    Hi Meenu,

    I'm no expert. My water gets pretty warm in the summer and I have not had any problems with my Goldies.

    Then again, I don't keep a thermometer or a heater in my tanks.

    Are you in Florida? :;co
  8. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member