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Hello Everyone! I am new here ~ although I have been reading this forum for years I finally decided to make my own account ~ I have had betta fish and goldfish breeds for about 3-4 years - some successful and still with me and some not so much .. :( I have learned tons of valuable information on here from others who have been keeping fish longer than myself ~ I hope to offer some good experience stories as well ~ I have a 55 gallon currently with 2 fancy tail goldfish ~ and 1 Oranda newly purchased currently in a 20 gallon quarantine tank _ there is nothing in my quarantine tank except a thermometer and a filter _ I recently lost a female betta sorority after adding a sick guppy - I had the sorority for about 1 year so that was a hard loss to deal with - sometimes I post photos to IG under the name goldknowsbetta - happy to be here :)
Welcome to Fishlore! Do your goldfish have names? :)

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