New Here, Dead Fish...blame Canada

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PresterJohn, Mar 23, 2019.

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    Greetings from Canada, so my Aquarium was hit with a double whammy this month. I have a 55gallon with an AC 110, its sort of over stocked but frequent water changes are being done. Tests show all parameters perfect since ive had it (about a year) with 3 Pearl Guorami, 2 plecos (1 BN not sure about other but its about 6”) 2 silver dollar, 6 silver tipped tetra, 6 neon tetra, 4guppies 3 corydoras and 3 ghost glass catfish.

    Now 3 weeks ago i removed the 6 silver tips and added 8 green tiger barbs and added Nutrafin Waste Control which i never use. 1 week later i noticed that sometime within the week the filter sponge in my aquaclear 110 had floated to the top pushing my biomedia out of the water completely. Fequent water changes kept everything alive.

    Last week my 3yo turned off the power on my powerbar. I had just left for work and they were without filtration/heat for a good 14 hours and the temperature dropped from 78 to low 60s (See Blame Canada lol). Since last week ive lost all my neons and tetras. Id probably blame the new barbs but ive only ever seen them pick on the Silver Dollars. What has me really worried is as of yesterday everything in the tank seems lethargic. Barely eating. Barely swimming just sorta staying at the bottom. 1 gourami has developed cloudy eyes, 4 barbs have what i think is fin rot. 3 weeks of wildly fluctuating parameters are taking their toll id say.

    As of today Ammonia: .25, Nitrate between 0-5, Nitrite 0. And this was before todays water change Which to me seems pretty good considering.
    So besides daily water changes what should i do? Could the cloudy eyes and lethargicness be caused by these 2 events? Could the Barbs have brought some sickness? Should i be adding meds/products? If so what specifically?

    OMG this ended up being a wordy mess. Thanks to those who made it to the end lol.
  2. SeasoldierWell Known MemberMember

    Hi & welcome, did you QT the tigers before adding them? My best guess would be that your fish are stressed due to the recent mishaps & the tigers could have brought something nasty in with them, but if the tigers all seem healthy then I'd say it's stress from the fluctuating parameters which is killing your fish off. I wouldn't be adding any meds etc. unless I could definitely diagnose some sort of disease, my advice would be keep your water clean & parameters good & let them all settle down again but keep a close eye for any developing illness / disease.
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    Thank you seasoldier. So all the tiger barbs have ich, the 2 silver dollars as-well. I did not quarantine the barbs beforehand as i am not setup for that although i soon will be. These barbs are the first fish purchased at a regular pet store and not a fishy specialty store or online although the stress we caused cannot have helped. But they look horrible like they’ve been rubbing themselves raw against rock and substrate (they have been flashing) I seriously considered scooping them all up and flushing them... perhaps i should have.

    Ran out and bought a 3 day Ich treatment we shall sea how that goes. None of the fish ate today with the exception of the Gouramis and all are lethargic. Hopefully treatment works, oh and i bought and added seachem prime.

    Fingers crossed.
  4. SeasoldierWell Known MemberMember

    Glad you spotted the ich, if you get that under control your fish will have a fighting chance. Ich is usually a secondary infection or hits fish when they're stressed & their immune system is low which sounds about right in your case, hope it all works out for you & your fish.