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Hey all ,my name is Tom and I am coralbandit.
I keep and breed several types of fish in my fish room.
I have aprox. 60 tanks ranging from 2 gallon -180 g , I also have a 120 gallon reef with a custom sump I designed..
My specialty in breeding is German Blue Rams , Electric Blue Rams ,Black rams [from Danzinger discus farm in Israel] and some less common livebearers like Ed Parker Jet Black swordtails ,pure white albino swordtails and Red Picta I obtained from Hawaii. I also breed Electric blue Acara, Apisto hongsloI [Rostrich strain], Apisto biteaniata .
Besides the black rams from Israel I have also recently acquired Albino Dantum angelfish which have spawned for their first time just last week.
I am active on a couple other forums and sell my fish.
Hope to hook up with a couple more good breeders and keepers to share all the joys of fish keeping with..



Helllo and welcome to fishlore! Glad your here! Your breeding projects sound amazing. If you’d like, I’m sure we’d all love to see some pics of your fish!

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