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I’ve had a tank going for about two years now. I go for a period of time of calm then out of the blue my fish start getting sick and dying and I don’t know why. Right now is one of those times. I just lost one of my three African dwarf frogs and now I have a sick platy. I only have a platy and one tetra left after bringing two plates into my tank from Petsmart that were sick and killed all my other fish off with an ich out break. This platy is left and my neon tetra that has been with me from the beginning. Then I have two AFDs left and three nerite snails and a few live plants in a 10 gallon. Been going strong for quite awhile until now…… so I always come to fishlore and look up my answers and see what others are doing. Right now I am trying to see if API General Cure is safe for my nerite snails and my AFDs? That’s my story. Thanks for all the advice you can give.


Hi, and welcome to fishlore!!!
Not quite sure about the ADF, it's pretty tuff to tell but i'll get back to you on that.

In terms of the Nerite snail, API General Cure is made from Metronidazole and praziquantel which are meant to be worm killers (as well as have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties). This being said, I personally would stay away from this medicine for the snails (in fact multiple resources believe this as well) and not use it if they are present.

Also for ich i wouldn't recommend general cure. I would personally recommend ICH-X. It fights of ich QUICKLY in my opinion. Or you could go the non-chemical route (raising the temp of your tank to about 85 degrees or even sometimes higher and adding aquarium salt.




Well my platy died! I treated the tank with General Cure twice as directed as she came around a little after the first dose and even started eat some brine shrimp I was feeding to my frogs. Then she even swam at the top of the tank for awhile but then returned to the bottom. after the second dose she she seemed okay but not quite like General Cure was the right medicine and she remained at the bottom of the tank. I did the 25% water change or a little more and put the filter back in and then next day she was dead on the bottom. The nerite snails made it though without any problems and the AFDs had no problems. When I took her out and gave her a good look over it looked like her top lip was partially missing and may have made in difficulty to eat. She was not bloated or anything so I don’t really know what killed her. When I got her initially she and a few other fish infected my tank with ich and I had to treat and clean everything. I lost all my fish except her and an original neon tetra. Since then I have not wanted to add any new fish. But now since I lost her I do want add some. So I bought a 3.5 gal tank to use as a qt tank. Will this size work or should I just take it back? I only have a 10 gal tank anyway with two ADF, 3 nerites, 1 neon tetra and some live plants. I am looking at upgrading my filter to the seachem Tidal 35 any thoughts?


If you only have a 10 gallon, a 3.5 should work fine. But with that, don't add too many fish at the same time.

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