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    Just wanted to pop in say hello and share a video of my tank! Been into fresh water fish for about 6 years but this is my first small tank set up(20 gallon tall) With schooling fish. I always had 60-120gallon tanks with larger fish over the years But a few years ago was forced get out them and sale my big babys :( But now im slowly getting back into things again and HIGHLY enjoying the small tank and the fish i have picked! Well like i said new and wanted to post up hello to everyone and look forward to the forums and looking through them!


    My Fish
    5.) Red tail Tetra
    2.) Black Mollies
    2.) Red Wag Plattys
    1.) Betta
    1.) Green Cory Cat
    1.) Plecostomus
    *Lightly Planted but will be adding more and in the video i say 3 tetra but added 2 more and the cory cat :D*
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