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  1. Laurmann2000 Initiate Member

    Hi all. Just joined the forum and I'm new to fish keeping. I have 2 new betta fish. The first one I got 1.5 weeks ago. He's in a 2.6 gallon Fluval Spec and his name is Velcro. He's a half moon according to the Petco cup and I just adore him. He's my first betta. I'm learning as I go. His tank is not cycled but I've been checking the levels and ammonia seems to be still at zero. Since he's been in this for over a week, shouldn't it be staring to show some ammonia? Should I add something to get the nitrogen cycle started? And CAN I add anything with him in the tank?

    The 2nd betta I got unexpectedly. I went into Pet Supermarket to buy my betta a leaf hammock and saw this poor little betta in a really tiny cup with a bulging eye that was foggy and reddened face. My heart just broke for this little guy and I could not leave him there to die. I talked to the manager and got him for $3.99. (He should have given him to me for free). Anyway, I took him home. I didn't have a tank for him but I cleaned out one of those huge pretzel containers and put a heater in and a sideways mug and that's were he's living. I am changing about 75% of the water daily, adding a little aquarium salt and adding "betta revive". The redness is gone and his eye is so much better but I think he may have dropsy or bloat? He looks a bit puffy to me but I'm just not sure. I've had him three days and he's more active than the first day and overall seems better but I know he's not out of danger yet. I really hope he does okay and I will get him a real fish tank as soon as I can. I've named him Cyclops due to the single sided popeye. He has short fins so maybe he's a plakat? Not sure. All the cup said was male.

    So that's my introduction. Oh my name is Laura and I live in Florida with my husband and three teenage sons.
    This is Velcro. Hope the picture shows.
    Dont know why this picture is showing up sideways. Any help to fix it is appreciated.
  2. Airth Member Member

    Hello and welcome to fishlore.=) Not entirely sure but it looks like Velcro may have some finrot going on. As for your ammonia still reading 0, what test are you using to check your parameters? What are your nitrites and nitrates at? How often are you changing your water?
  3. Laurmann2000 Initiate Member

    Thanks for the welcome. I'm using the API master test kit. The nitrates and nitrites are reading 0 also. I've done one 25% water change. I didn't think I needed to change the water more than that since there's no ammonia build up. BTW, why do you think fin rot? Is it the white on the edge of his tail? If so, I think that's just his coloring. It looks okay to me but I'm so new at this.
  4. Airth Member Member

    I don't have any experience with fin rot on my betta but I was worried when I first got him so did some reading about it. It wasn't so much the coloring as the ragged edges on his tail fin and webbed look on his dorsal. If he's behaving normally then it's probably just his natural look. =) He's gorgeous btw. lol

    I'm stumped on the no readings across the board. . . when you test for nitrates do you bang the #2 bottle on the table first? I've had trouble getting that to read on my tests and have to bang it both upward and inverted to get anything on that one. lol Also, what's the expiration date on your tests?

    It's possible your kit could be faulty. Strips aren't the most accurate but they can give a ballpark figure. It might not hurt to pick up some strips (at least the ammonia ones for now) and see if they give you a reading instead.
  5. Laurmann2000 Initiate Member

    The expiration dates are 2021 so that's fine. I haven't banged the bottle but I shake it vigorously for 30 seconds like it says on the bottle. Will try to bang it too and see if that helps. Thanks for the suggestions. Little Velcro behaves fine. Swims around, builds bubble nests, eats well. He honestly seems happy as a clam.

    And my my other little guy, Cyclops, is still alive. His eye looks almost normal now. He also is behaving fine but I still think he looks bloated. I have to try to get a picture of him to see if anyone on here can tell. I really hope he recovers fully. He's so cute and engaging. He swims right over to the side of the "tank" whenever I go near it and just looks at me straight on. Which is why I'm having a hard time getting a picture of him sideways so you could see the swollen looking belly.
  6. Annie424 Well Known Member Member

    Hi and welcome! Velcro is a beautiful betta. I don't blame you for coming home with Cyclops, it's so hard to restrain yourself when your heartstrings are pulled. I'd love to save all the big box store bettas too. Sometimes I go into my local ones, and the bettas look great. Other times I go in and I want to cry, rant to management, and bring them all home. Does Cyclops' belly just look swollen, or are the scales 'pineconing' away from his body? Are you feeding him yet? A pic would help, not only so we can see what you do, but for me just because I like to see everyones lovely fish! We all feel the love, I think everyone likes to see pics! :)
  7. Airth Member Member

    Along with Annie's questions, what are his poops looking like? Bloating can be a sign of constipation or internal parasites. You may want to try fasting him for a few days then give him a shelled pea in betta bite sized pieces. It'll help if he's constipated. If it's internal parasites, you'll need to go the medication route. I find medicated food works best for that.
  8. Laurmann2000 Initiate Member

    Cyclops doesn't look like his scales are pineconing to me. They seem flush to his body. Yes, I've been feeding him but sparingly. I feel bad because he always seems hungry. His poops look normal and he is behaving great and swimming fine. He seems fine to me. I think today is a week since I got him. I'm still doing water changes and adding betta revive. On the container it says to use for one week so I may discontinue it after today. I ordered him a 5 gallon tank that should arrive Monday. Here is a picture. His top fin doesn't look too great to me. Any thoughts?
    image.jpeg Once again my picture is sideways. Any idea why?
  9. Airth Member Member

    Looking at the size of your second beta's fins (as damaged as they seem), they're still rather short for a male. o.o Particularly the pectorals. Did this one have a label for the type of betta it is? This one may be a female. Try to get this little one to flare for you. If there's a longer beard then it's male. If it's a short beard or just the gill flaps, it's probably female.

    Females tend to be a little less vibrant, rounder in the belly area, and have shorter fins (especially pectorals). I don't see an egg spot in this picture so I'm still on the fence. lol Male or female, I'm sure Cyclops will be gorgeous once they get back on their fins. =)
  10. Laurmann2000 Initiate Member

    It just said male. I actually was wondering if it could be female because of the short fins. I need to look up what an egg spot would look like. I just put a mirror up and he/she flared. Is a beard the little "fins" hanging down off the bottom? You can see what I'm talking about in the above picture. The little pointy things on the right side of the picture. Anyway, those looked the same when he flared. If there is something else besides the gill flaps then I didn't see them.

    Ok I did a little research on male vs female. And I just held up the mirror to Velcro and he flared beautifully. Wow, he's gorgeous. Anyway, my point is that I saw his beard and I can comfortably say that Cyclops did not have that beard. I can't see an egg spot but the lighting isn't good where he is and he keeps moving so it's hard to see. I'm really starting to think he's a female though. Guess he/she is going to need a new name. Cyclops just doesn't fit a girl to me. :D

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  11. Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    I'm leaning towards female as well, his/her fins are incredibly short to be a male, even a plakat. She is a traditional plakat, her anal fin doesn't have the sharp angle a HMPK would. She sure is beautiful, and so is Velcro!
  12. Airth Member Member

    Very big congrats on both a lovely boy and girl. =D Sneaky little one isn't she? lol As to your earlier question, the pointy bits hanging down on Cyclops aren't her "beard". Those are her pelvic fins (shorter on females than males). I think I miscalled them pectorals before. ^^; oops.
  13. Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    The pelvic fins are more commonly called ventral fins, buy either term can be used. A beard will be a flap of skin that comes out from behind the gills when flaring.
  14. Laurmann2000 Initiate Member

    Thanks guys. I'm slowly learning. Just got 2 nerite snails for Velcro's tank. I'm beginning to notice some algae and hope they will help. Also got a piece of driftwood and an anubias plant to add to his tank. Tomorrow my 5 gallon should arrive for the little girl. Can't wait to get her (now nameless) into a proper tank.
  15. Laurmann2000 Initiate Member

    The little girl betta has her new tank. Water is a little cloudy. I think from the sand substrate. I just put her in about an hour ago and she seems to be enjoying her new digs so far.
  16. Airth Member Member

    Since you've already put your girl into the newly received 5 gallon, I'm assuming it hasn't been cycled. Keep an eye on the water for that tank since it'll be going through a fish in cycle. I'm glad she's enjoying her new home. =D
    Any possible names yet?
  17. Laurmann2000 Initiate Member

    Yes, I'm doing a fish-in cycle. I figured that was better than the plastic pretzel container. I'm testing the water and will change as needed. Thanks for the reminder.

    No name yet. My husband keeps rejecting any names I suggest and I've rejected the ones he has suggested. LOL. I feel badly for her. She needs a name. But that aside, she's doing great. Seems to really be enjoying the big tank. I can't believe she's the same fish I took home that I really didn't think would survive. My husband has totally fallen for her. He calls her "his fish". Her tank sits above his desk so he gets to look at her when he's doing his notes for work.
  18. Airth Member Member

    lol that's awesome that your hubby loves her. I'm so glad she's doing better after being in your care. =) Not sure why but Calypso comes to mind for a name. Any plans to try breeding your babies in the future? =) Never tried it myself but betta mating is beautiful from videos I've seen. The male embraces the female and they float together until she releases her eggs.