New Heater Isnt Heating Well

Discussion in 'Heaters' started by Trust_Power, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. Trust_Power

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    I just bought the Aqueon Pro 100 (version 2) and its not heating the whole tank to what I set it to. It has been in the tank for 18 hours already. Its in a 20G long, its on the right side of the tank with the thermometer on the far left side of the tank. I have the filter in the middle of the tank and I also have two air stones on each side of the tank.

  2. CaptAnnDuchow

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    I would move the heater to the,middle under the filter output to maximize the heated water flowing through the tank
  3. jmaldo

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    I use the Aqueon Pro 100w in my 20L. It basically depends on the difference between the ambient room temp and the water temp you desire. Along with other variables such as, if you are using a lid, light and water circulation.
    Here's what I do.
    Set the dial to the temp (78). Then allow the heater to run for 24 hours at that setting. Then check the aquarium water with a reliable thermometer.
    Then adjust in small increments and wait 24 hours and repeat if necessary.

    Good Luck!

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