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  1. CraigWell Known MemberMember

    Hello to everyone my name is Craig im 17 im from Northern Ireland and im new to the Tropical Fish family. I have to admit it is a brilliant hobby im one of these guys who love keeping animals in the past ive had about 3 hamsters 2 gerbils 1 cat goldfish (which were rubbish!!!!!!!!) my best m8 got me into tropical fish he has a 84litre but he also works with tropical fish as he works in a pet store. I think i would be perfect workin in a pet store all the research i've done for all the animals i have had i always do my research! As i did before gettin my 63 litre (16 gallon) tank.

    I've had it for about a month now i let it cycle for 2weeks b4 gettin my fish and now i currently have 2 guppies (male) 1 golden gourami and 1 red fire gourami (both male) but get on well!! Im not sure if its 2 early 2 get my sucker fish but im lookin 2 get a bristlenose but im almost sure that all the pet stores have plecos my best m8 has a pleco but were almost sure it will definately outgrow his tank this is the reason i want 2 get a Bristlenose but the question is are they hard 2 get???????? I hope u all welcome me well and its good 2 c the females involved in a great hobby!! lol

    Help would be much appreciated guys, thanks C W
  2. briggsegirlNew MemberMember

    hi craig im 13 from blackpool uk my name is erin hope you like it here ;D
  3. fletchValued MemberMember

    bristle nose arent hard to find, you just need to look around. I dont know about in northern ireland but in cornwall you'll find realy large selections in garden centres. good to see someone whos a bit closer to home!!
  4. CraigWell Known MemberMember

    lol replying to my own message but thanks guys and girls for welcomin me and it is also good 2 c that there r people form the uk in here!!
  5. CraigWell Known MemberMember

    and yes i love it in here already!!!!!!! what are ur tanks like ???
  6. fletchValued MemberMember

    Ive got a 10 gallon with
    3 dwarf gouramis,
    a sword tail,
    3 harlequin rasboras,
    4 bumblebee gobys,
    a demasoni,
    5 peppered corys,
    a sucking catfish,
    a female guppy,
    2 silvertip tetras,
    2 white cloud minnows
    and an aquatic frog whos recently widowed :(

    their all quite small at the moment but im transferring them to a bigger tank soon
  7. FishFanValued MemberMember

    Welcome Craig! I am new, kinda, as, this is a learning opportunity for all! I have a 55 gallon, tropical freshwater tank. I love my plecos! OK-all of my fish :D But, I'm still new to this hobby. I, too, am more experienced in the FurKids department, so I'm hoping we can chat about other stuff in the Misc. area. :) Maybe we could have Mike set up a NFR (Non-Fish Related) category. ;) Take Care & again, WELCOME!
  8. CraigWell Known MemberMember

    lol yeah that would b good thank u all!!!!!
  9. MikeFishloreAdmin Moderator Member

    Great suggestions. I've added a Non-Fish Category that includes dogs, cats, reptiles and other.

    Welcome to the forum,
  10. FishFanValued MemberMember

    Wow! I didn't even notice the other categories! Thanks, Mike! I think the growth of this Forum will draw more and enable a larger audience-and more info. :) I look forward to it!