New Guppy Acting Weird?


HI everyone, I recently added three male guppies yesterday and one out of the three is acting weird. At first he just was hanging at the top but ate yesterday and now today he is just bottom sitting but still breathing. He also has a curved spine and it almost looks like his big tail is weighing him down sometimes. The other two are doing great, which are in my profile picture. The water parameters are perfect. Every time a fish nudges him he seems to swim but doesn’t swim upwards, he just stays at the bottom.



Sometimes guppies get stressed and either stay at the bottom or hide under something on the surface like a filter box. This may be a sign of an illness or it may just be stressed by being moved. Did you quarantine the fish first or did you put them straight into the tank from the bag?. A lot of shop bought guppies either carry disease or have poor genetics and die in quarentine. I tend to buy guppies in batches from my local shop and most batches I loose one or two within a few days. All I can suggest is that you keep an eye on it and if you see any signs of disease you remove it from the tank. I hope it's not ill just a little stressed but if it gets ill keep an eye on the others. You can buy products that either reduce the chance of disease or reduce stress that leads to disease but I have never found either to actually make a difference
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