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So it is internal parasites? Then you can stop with methylene blue, I suggested methylene blue because we did not really have any symptoms appart from fish hanging at the surface which sounded like oxygen related stuff, and methylene blue helps wiht that. Methyelene blue is given in baths tho so I don't think it would affect any other medications.
PraziPro sounds like a good med to try, I am yet to found a place that sells all those medications so I would usually try to find the active ingredient of the medicines, do the math and hope for the best. If you have metronidazole hanging around at your house you can try and see if that will help, metronidazole helps with some internal parasites but not all, for example, I think worms do not get affected by it.
I use 250 mg of metronidazole (usually half a pill as almost all of them come in the 500 mg presentation) per 10 gal of water. I just chop it up pretty well, dilute it with water in a glass and add a little bit of lemon juice (it actually helps disolve the metronidazole so much better) to it, I mix it all again and add it to the tank. Works fine for me altough as I said, if you are dealing with worms you will probably need other stuff.
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What do I do about the shrimps and snails?

Ok I have a 10 gallon that I can remove them to. It'll be here in a day. Advice in the meantime?

Sorry to clarify, I meant the prazipro will be here in a day.


I don't personally don't know if there is much you can do while you wait. Did you do a water change recently? Maybe someone else will have advice. I would probably keep the tank lights off to keep the stress as low as possible. I wish I could help more.


Clean healthy water the best medicine until get Prazi.

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