New Goldfish Rescue/will He Eat My Goldfish?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by YellowFish13, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. YellowFish13 Well Known Member Member

    After seeing all of the people ultimately flushing their carnival goldfish because they have no where to put them, I decided to set up a pretty decent size tank for all the unwanted goldfish! It is a 110 gallon stock tank, with 2 filters (meant for 60-80 gallons each). It is in my garage, so it usually stays 45-55 degrees in the winter, and 65-75 in the summer. I added my first fish last summer (he is a 2 inch comet goldfish that was won at a carnival) and he has been really happy. Since then I have received 3 more goldfish from people who didn’t want them. Though these goldfish were already around 4-6 inches, so I made arrangements for them to go in a neighbors fish pond. I think they are VERY happy in it.

    Anyway, the current stocking is a 2 inch goldfish which looks SO tiny in the 110 gallon. Last week, at my barn (I am also a horseback rider) there was a woman looking for a place for a 4-5 inch goldfish. It is currently living in a FIVE gallon tank. I have no idea how it grew that big in a 5 gallon! I am planning to set up a 30 gallon storage tote with a filter for a quarantine tank. How do I move him into this tote without shocking him with the pristine fresh water?

    Also, it is currently winter here, and the 110 gallon stock tank is currently 48 degrees. So I will not be able to add this 4-5 inch goldfish into the stock tank until spring, because he is used to being inside. Will he be okay in the 30 gallon (which will be in my house) for 2 months? Until the stock tank warms up?

    The third thing is, the woman who I am getting this goldfish from told me he ATE the other tankmate (another goldfish) in the 5 gallon tank, and that is why he is so large. Do goldfish eat each other? I have never heard of this! When I add this 4-5 inch goldfish into the stock tank, will my 2 inch goldfish have a chance at getting eaten?

    I am hoping by the end of summer, I will be able to make arrangements to have this 4-5 inch goldfish added into my neighbors fish pond! Thanks!

  2. nikm128 Fishlore VIP Member

    He will definitely be ok for a few months, whether or not the small one can get eaten depends on how much each one grows, but it's a pretty slim chance

  3. Skavatar Well Known Member Member

    larger goldfish will eat whatever fits into their mouths, so yes they can eat other small fish.

    get a 5 gallon bucket, put half the old water in and half new water from the tote. then the next day do a 50% water change with the water from the tote into the bucket. Top off the tote. then next day you can probably put him into the tote. they're quite hardy, i've transferred a few back and forth from my inside tank to the outside patio pond without doing any acclimating, no problems. anywhere between 10-20'F difference.

  4. YellowFish13 Well Known Member Member

    The problem is, she is going to bring the fish in a cup. I can’t imagine she can bring an entire 5 gallon tank to the barn, and then I will bring it all the way to my house! So I don’t think the bucket idea will work! I am hoping a VERY slow drip acclimation will work (like a 3 hour procedure)

    The temperature change will be about 40 degrees, and I don’t think that will end well!

    Now I am terrified that my goldfish will get eaten! The tank is 110 gallons, so there is a lot of room to run away (or swim away;)) from the other goldfish. When I receive this goldfish-eating-goldfish I will take a picture of the two of them side by side, and hopefully I will determine if mine will become the others snack!!
  5. nikm128 Fishlore VIP Member

    Maybe put some caves or other hiding spots that only the smaller one can fit in?
  6. YellowFish13 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks! I will see what I can find!
  7. rks Valued Member Member

    I really wish they'd stop this practice of giving out live goldfish as a prize.

    And please don't flush or release any fish in the wild. Goldfish and some others can and will outcompete native species. It's happening here in Alberta and other provinces in Canada. Euthanizing would be preferable to that, or feeding them to a predator fish.

    I admire OP for trying to save these fish, but you'll never be able to save them all.

    I think it's a cruel practice to give out live fish to people with no experience. If they gave out kittens or puppies everybody would be up in arms.

    OK getting of my soapbox now.
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  8. YellowFish13 Well Known Member Member

    I completely agree! It is SO ridiculous that they would do this to goldfish. It is really contributing to all the invasive goldfish in ponds and lakes. I am in no way thinking I can save them all, though I am trying to help. We have many ponds here in MN contaminated with goldfish, and I am hoping people will come to me, instead of dumping them and contaminating my local ponds. Fish as prizes needs to be illegal!
  9. Galathiel Well Known Member Member

    If you are still concerned when it comes time to add your new fish to the 110 gallon, you can always set up a divider to use until your little one is big enough to not fit in the other's mouth.