New friend for peaceful male betta


I have a male betta that’s pretty chill that I want to add a tankmate for. He’s in a 14g cube. His mystery snail buddy died of old age. I tried neon tetra but they started nipping at my poor betta, so I put them into my community tank. Now my betta’s alone. I don’t want to risk any other schooling fish that can bully him. I want something more exciting than a snail. I thought maybe shrimp but he loves to lay on the bottom of the tank and I was afraid for the shrimp. Would kuhli loaches work? I know they are social so I don’t know if they will work. Any suggestions?


You yould ned to add at least 6 kuhli loaches with more being more ideal. I think it can work if you are strict with water changes. You might have uck with lambchop rasbora, or glowlight tetra, or Harlequin tetra, but if you dont have another place to keep them if it doesn't work, IDK.

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