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    I just got a 20gal. Fish tank. I have filled it and I need more decorations and am currently doing a fish less cycle. I already put dechlorinator in it. I have A filter, a heater, and a thermometer. I was wondering what other steps I need to take before I can put fish in. Also if anyone has any Ideas for what kind of fish I can put in, that would be great. Thank you!
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    Here's a helpful video on cycling a tank and minimizing the time it takes:

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    You definitely need an ammonia source to grow the bacteria, pure ammonia with no additives would be best although daily doses of fish food will work even though its not a very accurate way to do it.

    A API master test kit would be my second purchase so you can test for amm, nitrites and nitrates. (Research the nitrogen cycle)

    I would add a beneficial bacteria such as TetraSafeStart + or Stability.

    I also recommend Prime as a declorinator.

    Raise your temperature to 82-84 while cycling.

    Make sure your PH remains above 6.5.

    Tons and tons of different fish will fit in a 20, just let us know what you like but corys will always be one of my recommendations.
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    Very important, can’t tell what’s going on without a test kit.

    Like walking with your eyes closed.