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This will be a quick thread haha. I just got excited and want to share what I did today. The 75 gallon is not a great fit for my new Flowerhorn and she has been more and more aggressive with the Plecos recently so I decided to get a new tank just for her. I live upstairs and only felt comfortable with another 500 pounds against the opposite support wall etc and saw a 40 gallon breeder on sale at Petco with a metal stand for $100. Idk why I’m even posting this thread because a “Flowerhorn Build” is almost an oxymoron, it’s one of the most minimalistic set ups I’ve seen thus far in fishkeeping. Heavy filtration and no sharp edges, also gravel may be bad and cause some injury on their chin. Here’s a pic of it done pre-cycled:

I got two AC70’s. (one new Fluval model one original AC packaging so I will see if the rumors are true once and for all that the older ones are better lol) and I got a decent size sponge filter and 150w heater with a protective cover to prevent Flowerhorn accidents etc. I also got some Purigen on deck after the carbon (which I usually don’t use, I just didn’t want to modify the filter today I was too lazy/tired) expires. I also have some strong magnets coming and a black bedsheet ($20 w/ shipping on amazon) to make a skirt for the stand to hide the wires..


Also I didn’t buy this Fluval Vaccum below but was amused with Fluval’s enthusiasm lately and also kind of wanting to try it out.. anyone have this thing:

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