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So, on Saturday, we checked our water again, and our water was still good (that will make a week that it's been ammonia:0 Nitrite:0 and Nitrate:10) So, we desided that our tank was finnaly cycled, and our original good readings weren't just a fluke!
So we went to the store on Sunday and purchased the following fish:

one: Dwarf Gourami
three: bloodfin tetras

Those are now with our two emralde green cat fish

My question is, are there any compatibility problems with these fish? The pet store said they would be fine, but I don't really trust them at this point.

And what would be some good fish additions that would work with our current ones?



You might add to the tetra group(mores better ) and definitely add to the Corys(mores better here also). Eventually another Dwarf GouramI would be nice.


I would forgoe the extra gourami, the tank needs to be a little bigger as they can be very territorial towards each other and add 3 more tetras and another corie!
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I've been researching the green cat fish, apparently they are similar to other cory cats, but not quite the same. I've read that they do best in groups of three. I think we have two males though, and I wouldn't want a two to one male:female ratio, and they seem to be doing very well as is, so as my fiance put, if it isn't broke, don't fix it! lol. I do plan on getting some more bloodfins, but I didn't want to introduce too many new fish all at once, b/c I didn't want to cause a minI cycle. I also have two danios that are chillin in the Q tank that need to be moved over.

Would the following be too much in our tank?

6 zebra danios
6 bloodfin tetras
2 emrald cat fish
2 dwarf gouramI

that would be more adult inches than gallons in our tank, but most of that would be the danios and tetras... which are very slender. idk... what do you folks think?


Danios are great in that size tank, plenty of room to swim. Since danios are schooling fish six would be great.
Corys do better in groups of three or more and really doesn't matter as to the gender ratio unless you plan to breed them. The males won't harrass them like livebearer males do if you have more mles tham females. Even corys of different kinds will swim and sleep together.So if you get one more green cory and didn't get the second gouramI you would be in good shape.
Did you notice if there was a scientific name on the tank with the Corys? Some times the Emerald Corys are Corydoras aeneus and some times they are Brochis splendens which get much larger. Both are beautiful and active bottom dwellers. Just some thoughts

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