New fish tank!!

  1. Wnsanford Initiate Member

    Ok so my brother has given me his 30g and since the top on my 20g was broken, I swapped them. I used mostly my own river rock with some well rinsed rock from him. My dojo loach seems as ecstatic about it as I am! I don't have any problems I just wanted to share photos of this awesome new tank! My dojo can be seen swimming up and down in the back. Let me know what you think :)
    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1405990434.943040.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1405990443.671710.jpg
  2. cborden Member Member

    Looks good. How many rummy nose do you have?
  3. Wnsanford Initiate Member

    Thank you :) Aww you saw him. I love my little rummy. I only have one. I bought him (her?) as a pair with the last two from an out of town lfs and his mate died last year. I haven't been able to get back to that store to get any more
  4. cborden Member Member

    Gotcha. I have 6 rummy nose and they are the most active school of tetras I have. They just cruise along the glass back and forth.
  5. Wnsanford Initiate Member

    Oh that's awesome. When I get the money I'll probably take the trip or order some more online
  6. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Lovely looking tank, what temp is it at? dojo loach are a cool water fish & won't do well at higher temps, they also like to bury themselves so make sure the gravel isn't sharp & start saving for a bigger tank, it'll need more space as they can get to around a foot long.
  7. Wnsanford Initiate Member

    Thank you for your advice. I've had him for five years and that's as big as he's gotten so far and he seems pretty happy :) the tank stays at 72 and I have a 55g on standby if I need it but I haven't really had the need so far. He was happier with the sand but I ended up having to get rid of it and the river rocks I have now are smooth. My dojo has never really been very interested in digging either, I think I just have a guy with an unusual personality. My khuli, however, loves to dig himself into the gravel.