New Fish Tank ; 0PPM of Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates (Cloudy Water)


hismiley.gifI currently bought a new 10 Gallon Glofish Tank for my new house. The tank has been set up for a few days and now contains fish. When I first set up the tank, I made sure to clean everything throughly and took all the correct precautions of treating the water, adding "API Stress Zyme +" and correct PH. Before adding the fish to the tank, I made sure everything was where it should be in words of water testings, the PH was 7.2 and everything else was at 0PPM. The water temperature was correct and the filter had been running for a few days.

But now, that I have added the fish, after 1 night the tank is cloudy. I suspect it is just a Bacterial Bloom, but I'm not sure. Today, since this is the first time I've seen something like this, I tested decided to test everything and the PH went up .2, but everything else remained at 0PPM.

In my 10 Gallon Tank, I have 2 Tetras, 3 Danios and 2 (Baby) Tiger Barbs. The all seem healthy and they are all active so I don't really know what the problem is. Thus the reason why I'm seeking professional advice compared to the uneducated Petco and Petsmart workers.

The Picture Provided is before the fish were added.


I am fairly new to fishkeeping but I think you should look into the nitrogen cycle. Unless you've already added bacteria (TSS)... you should look into doing that and quickly. I'm not sure about the cloudiness unless you put an already cycled filter on the tank or added bacteria within these two days. If you haven't, I've been told you should do a water change, add Prime, wait 24 hours, then add TSS and let it do its thing for two weeks. Someone tell me if I'm wrong.



I haven't been using Tetra's Safe Start? Should I be? I have been using "API Stress Zyme +" Even though I added that should I add Safe Start? Also where could I purchase Prime? When could I use "API Stress Coat +? Also could you give me a detailed procedure to follow if I do have to do what you stated above?


It's just your nitrates jumping up its natural for nitrate to be at about 10 ppm it will stay cloudy but it will filter out over time it could also be the begin o an algae bloom



It is called bacterial bloom.and will clear up by itself in time. It is also commonly known as new tank syndrome and is very common in new set ups.

Tetra safestart is a easy, safe way to cycle your tank in two weeks. You will need a full bottle of TSS. Perform a huge water change to get your parameters as close to 0 as you can, condition your water (prime is recommended as it detoxifies ammonia) then wait 24 hours (this is very important as the conditioner will kill the TSS. Then add a whole bottle of well shaken TSS big enough for your tank or larger. Then wait two weeks. Test your water after 14 days and if you have 0 amm, 0 nitrites and some nitrates, perform a water change and your cycled!

Have you read the nitrogen cycle?

Your tank will be too small for the tiger barbs so you should look into upgrading soon so they have plenty of space to swim around and be happy healthy fishies!

LFS advice should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

If you click on articles at the top of the page and have a read through the q and a with tetra about safe start too.

If you have any questions, please do ask and we'll do our best to help you out

Your tank looks lovely by the way. Welcome to Fishlore!xx

Ps. Altering pH can be more stressful on tour fish than leaving your pH stable. You must ensure you have no swings in pH and this can cause harm to your fish.xx

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