New Fish Stocking!!


I'm so super excited about this so I'm gonna make this post now and update in a few days

So a few weeks ago I purchased 2 bettas online and had them shipped to me. This is the first time i've ever had fish shipped (besides a few nerites but that doesnt feel the same) but I decided to start having a go at it as the only family member in my house who can drive is moving out so it'll take me about 2 hours via bus to get to my LFS not good for getting fish home unless I went super prepared. I'm over the age to drive but im a very distracted person and have concentration issues so it makes me nervous thinking about it

ANYWAYS so I wanted to buy 2 breeding sized BNs (purely so i can get 2 of the same sex, no babies here ) for my 37 gallon, theyre my fav fish besides bettas so im not getting them for the cleaning factor and my filter is 300gph plus extra sponge filters in there too but literally no where had them apart from one place charging £25 ($35 USD) for a common black which was fine by me but I was also after a lemon blue eyed (not keen on the red eyes of albinos unfortunately) and they sold for around £40 ($55 USD) which I thought was pricey for a 3 inch BN. Luckily I found a family owned and run business ( for anyone in UK ) that had them both types for around £10 ($13 USD) which I thought was amazing!

However I bought more than just my plecs!

I also bought 6 assassin snails to help with my bladder snail infestation

12 amano shrimp!! Ive wanted some since i started and finally got my hands on some! I've never kept shrimp before but ive done a lot of research so im really excited! I've got a little glass feeding bowl coming which I just love the idea of!

Last but not least I got myself...KUHLI LOACHES!!! These are 100% in my top fav they have the cutest faces!!! I was so lucky and grabbed their last 6 common orange/brown stripe ones PLUS 6 chocolate ones! I cannot tell you how desperate I am to have these guys!!

Tomorrow im recieving a small plant delivery as I removed about 1/3 of plants from my 37 to add to one of my new betta tanks. I also picked up a few bigger pieces of driftwood because i only have tiny pieces in there right now and I want my plecs to get a good gnaw on that wood!! I know that some will disagree? Maybe? But I ordered 2 male BNs for this tank. I love the bristles so that was my main reason, however I wouldn't let myself be irresponsible so I have a plan here. The tank is over 2ft long so theres a lot of length and what im going to set up tomorrow is at either end of the tank there'll be a cave so they can both establish territory and have a place to go. The tank is and will be densely planted too. I have a big piece of redmoor for one cave thats been in there for almost 2 months now and i made a little hut from dead hardwood sticks for the other side which will be packed on top with moss. I can monitor very easily for aggression, I will distribute food evenly to make sure both eat and if at the end of they day they cant live together, I can move one to a different tank. So I feel confident I can try to make it work but I am also aware I cant change an animal's nature. I just wanted to show that I am thinking things out! I did have a thread on this awhile ago and got really great advice too!

So, im super excited about all of this! I'll update with pictures tomorrow when I plant the new stuff and im excited to show off my diy hut because i came up with the idea myself and ive never SEEN anyone do one like this but there's gotta be someone else somewhere ya know

Thanks guys! Im mostly posting here cuz i can see my family's souls leaving their bodies when i start talking about my fish XD you guys get it though nothing better than new fish that you loooove!


Looking forward to seeing the pictures!
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Update time!

My plant delivery came in today as expected! It wasnt a huge one as I already had most of my bulk like I had explained in my last post on the thread but i'll give a quick rundown of what is new and what i had anyway

Existing Plants;
Java Fern (Latifolia) x2
Anubias Nana x1
An XL Hygrophilia Siamensis
Congo Fern x2
Hydrocotyle Tripartita Sp "Japan" x1
Hydrocotyle Tripartita x2 (one huge clump now)
Umberella Hairgrass x1 (now grown out quite a bit)
Taiwan Moss
Salvinia Natans (floaters)

My new additions were;
Ludwigia Palustris Green x1
Brazillian Pennywort x1
Dwarf Hairgrass x1
Australian Bacopa x1
Echinodorus Harbii x1
An XL Echinodorus Argentinensis x1 (broken into 4 plants)

Plus I ordered 2 random pieces of 25-35cm driftwood and I got gorgeous pieces!! I wish I'd taken pics before putting them in. You can still see them but of course all the plants slightly distract from them. One was a perfect end piece for my scape and is on the far right of the tank and the other had a natural cave mouth in it which I was over the moon about!

I took out my existing redmoor and snipped off some branches that were in the way of its natural cave structure then replaced it where it had been before. I ended up just going with what felt right and im just over the moon with it! I may still buy a few more background plants as theres 2 rather bald areas still but im holding out for more Umberella Hairgrass because its gorgeous and some Vallisenaria!

This feels a bit like a build thread lol

So im gonna show off my plec hide as promised and then i'll put a photo and a link to a video i did


Finger for size compare It's glued with 100% silicone and left to dry for 2 days and then soaked for 24 hours. Didnt make it sink of course as its dead hardwood so it's very light and was a pain. I now see I should have tied rocks to the bottom to bury in the substrate but I have a big flat rock holding it down.

So unfortunately I dont have a bald tank picture but it was horrific to look at. Im a full tank kind of person. I do have a pic from when I first set it up though;


The entire right 3rd was all completely empty. Horrific. However, this is it now!


I kept a lot of sand available as I have quite a few bottom dwellers going in here. There's a lot of space behind the plants too for smaller ones like the cories and kuhlis. The photo is a bit dark unfortunately and you might notice its slightly different from the video im gonna link because i tweaked it. The vid is the true final look

Here it is!

Hopefully you can see I have 3 caves as specific hiding places cause of course theres lots of nooks and crannies around the plants and hardscape etc. You can also see my diy shrimp hide from plant weights! They MIGHT end up being too small for my amanos but we'll see. It was a fun mini project and i'll be able to keep adding to it which I love. Last little thing I want to point out is the little pinkish rock at the end is my little memorial stone for my juvinile BN I lost last month, Baby He meant a lot to me and that big round rock it's beside, you can see that in the original set up pic right at the front; that was the feeding area so he hung out on that rock a lot. It's just something that makes me feel better about getting new BNs who already have names by the way! They shall be revealed on Thursday I also intend to gather leaf litter when I walk my dog tomorrow morning and I'll bake it before boiling it up an adding that for the shrimp and kuhlis!

I'm just really excited so i hope at least someone finds this enjoyable! Thanks
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