New Fish (quarantine)

  1. JLeeM Well Known Member Member


    I'm two days away from completing treatment on my tank for illness. I'm really wanting to get some new fish soon.

    My finances tell me to get 2 harlequin rasboras (giving me 8) instead of 3-5 panda cories (would give me 6-8). Can/should I even quarantine 2 rasboras? I've had really good luck with them so far without quarantine. I'm also assuming that I can't put more fish into the same quarantine when the first ones are say half done? Can I quarantine more than one species at once? I've read they should be from the same tank. Not sure how this works with PetSmart fish because they're in such small tanks, but it might all be under the same filtration? I don't know.

    How long should I wait after treatment to steal biomatrix beads from my AQ50 on that tank to start up an almost instant cycle in the AQ20, 10 gallon quarantine if I do quarantine something soon? Or can I just go with it?

    Also, does anyone quarantine snails?
  2. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    I would quarantine everything because the stuff in tanks already is expensive and so are meds so losing them all to a disease would kill me mentally AND financially.

    As for snails, no need to quarantine. It's about the only thing I do not quarantine actually.

  3. JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    Could a cycle in a 10 gallon quarantine be sustained by 2 rasboras?

    Also, how long would you wait to steal some biomatrix to establish a cycle for the quarantine being that the main tank is finishing antibiotic treatment?
  4. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Depends on if the antibiotics affect the Bio-filter or not.
    Yes and no. They would produce a small amount of ammonia, but most likely not enough to feed a large bio-filter. You can quarantine different species in the same tank as long their water requirements are similar.

    I would wait till you can get the Pandas and the Harlequins and quarantine them both in the 10. If anyone is sick you can treat them all at the same time, or get your money back if they don't make it. If you could I think the 2 Harlequins and 3 Pandas would be a good start. Then you can build up from there.

    I never quarantine snails.

  5. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    What antibiotics were used? If they are meds that kill the cycle then it wouldn't benefit the other tank since both tanks would need to cycle again. You could always go grab a bottle of TSS+ for the 10 gallon and throw that in along with the rasboras for cycling. They are definitely enough for the cycle. I cycled my 36 gallon bow front with a single betta. He made more than enough ammonia to keep my cycle going and then I ended up giving him his own tank with some ghost shrimp and just added 2 guppies to keep up the cycle. I eventually then added two BN plecos and some mystery snails and later added my RCS. I am not adding anything else for the time being.
  6. JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    Could I quarantine 5 pandas and 2 harlequins in a 10 together you think?

    Kanaplex and Jungle Fungus Clear Fizz Tabs? Don't think either bothers biological filter.

    I was also concerned that if I used this media it would put the illness into the quarantine, but I guess the Kanaplex probably took care of that.
  7. tunafax Well Known Member Member

    FIY, Petsmart fish are all under the same filtration. Same for Mr. Pets. Treat them them all as if they were from the same filthy tank.

    I just had the plague sweep through my goldfish tank, and one possible reason is that I didn't QT. You should definitely QT imo.
  8. JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    Awesome. That can make it a lot easier. Wonder why they only had the feeder fish under a sale ban due to ick last month then? They are in a walk tank just like the rest.

  9. tunafax Well Known Member Member

    At best - maybe because they filter large stores in cells.

    At worst - maybe they're giving the appearance that petsmart cares. :(

    Sick feeders would wreck havoc on a tank, I suppose Petsmart can't be seen selling poison. If you buy a sick keeper fish though, and get your tank infected - well, what do you mean we sold you a sick fish? Here's a $2 refund for you $300 of dead stock. Could also be because they think fish disease spreads by physical contact. It's petsmart, you never know.
  10. Over It Well Known Member Member

    Honestly I have no experience with Kanaplex. I don't think JFC kills the Bio-filter, but don't quote me on that.

    Yes I think you'd be fine to do 2 Harlequin and 5 pandas. Just keep up on the water changes and check the levels, but I if you have cycled media, then I think you should be just fine.

    Yeah, if the media you are planning on using has been in the filter with the meds then the meds should have killed anything on the media as well.

  11. JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    Just ordered an Aqueon 50 watt heater for my quarantine for only $18!!! I plan to get new fish into quarantine first chance I get once it's here. Can't wait.