New fish + no cycled tank = HELP!!!!

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Hey guys!! my boyfriend gave me a beautiful marbled green/bue betta boy as a gift, which I was already planning on getting (after I had everything set up). Sadly, he doesn't know about tank cycling and bought me a tank the same day he got me the fish. So here's the long story short:

I added bio active gravel, quick start and stress coat to get the tank started and maybe speed up the cycle a bit. I also added only a couple if drops of bettafix as a preventative in case he came sick since he was swimming in disgusting green water. I added his heater, got the filter started and after about an hour of him sitting in a bag while his water and the water in the tank got to the correct temperature I let him in. (I slowly and gradually put the temperature up, I didn't do it within one hour)

Since my tank was cycling I thought 30% water changes once or twice a day would be enough to keep him ok but I was clearly wrong and feel horrible now! His fins got all red in the ends (where they used to be white) and he was laying in the bottom.

I moved him to a small bowl where I added some bettafix (still under dosed) stress coat and his little minI heater. He was better yesterday and his fins do look a bit better but he hasn't eaten since I got him (about 5 days ago) and he's more lethargic today I've tried giving him pellets, bloodworms and soaked them in garlic as well but nothing works... At the store they told me to give him pima fix instead of bettafix so I started doing that yesterday after a 100% water change (I've been changing his water at least 25% once or twice daily)

I thought I knew what I was doing but apparently I was wrong Please help me save him!!!!!!!!
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Here he is the first two pics were of when I first got him and the last one is how I have him now


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I just wanted to post to say that he is an incredible looking betta! What a gorgeous guy.

I am sure someone will be along shortly who is able to help you. Best of luck.
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Thank youu I really need that help I don't want to lose this little guy
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I don't suggest let betta (especially long tail type) into a in cycling process. It was a good move to move your betta into the bowl at the moment to let your tank cycle.
I just think you are in a panic mode and you may end up stressing your betta. In a small bowl it is hard to use chemical. I only suggest 1 drop stress coat only for every water change (if possible, leave the water with stress coat 1 hour before pour into your betta bowl). I don't suggest using too many different chemical at once (I only use stress coat at the moment with all my freshwater fish) I also suggest only 10-20% water per day. At the moment let the light off and leave him be. Don't try to feed him. My experience with fish, I don't feed new fish until the 2nd week (betta can withstand hunger and eat very little). Hunger won't kill it, but stress will. Keep the water at the lower end of 70s degree since it a smaller bowl, hard to accurately adjust. Hope this help.
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Wow, he's incredible- I really hope he lives.

twice a day water changes that are that large might be stressful. I would only do it once a day, and only about 20%. Most members don't like to use bettafix, but if it's working for you, I guess that's good. I'm not a betta expert, so there might be a few tips I missed.

I know it's stressful that he's not eating. When I got one of my rams from petsmart he didn't eat for about a week and a half. Keep offering food if you want to, but don't be disappointed if he doesn't eat it.
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I don't really think putting him in a bowl is a good idea. tbe bowl isn't cycled either. do you have any other tanks you could move some cycled media over to the 5 gallon?
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not really, my tank is still cycling so the nitrate levels went crazy around two days ago, they tested it yesterday and it was almost perfect but I don't want to risk it.. I work at a pet store and will check his water again today since I want him back in the tank asap but at least in the bowl I can do small water changes daily and I know it won't go all crazy on me :S
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I personally hate Betta Fix, it can mess with the labyrinth organ. I prefer Jungle Labs Fungus Clear for all fin rot. Also, as PP said, your bowl is no more cycled than your tank so keeping your betta in the tank with steady water temp and clean water is better-- just be sure to keep up on the water changes, probably daily ones.

With persistence, your fish will probably be just fine.... Good luck.
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My ph was super low today, still thinking if I should change him back or wait a couple of days since it was being in the tank that nearly killed him in the first place I'm so confused... he looks super swollen in his belly and is swimming kinda funny (when he swims... he's mostly lethargic) I don't see him pine coning though so I'm not sure that its dropsy.. His fins Look almost fully recovered with no pink at all and just some growing to do, and still no eating..

Thank you so much for your help

P.S: I stopped using bettafix because they told me at the store to use pima fix instead, but I think I'm just gonna go with pristine water for now, they also suggested a very small amount of salt OR methylene blue but it seems like chemicals t this point my do more harm than good :S </3
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Good Luck. I'm not a huge Betta fan but this is a beautiful fish.
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Thank you I'm doing my very best to save him
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He's happy and healthy darting around in his cycled tank, he finally ate about two days ago but didn't eat yesterday. Still I'm not worried since he has been progressing miraculously from practically dead to happy and perky. His fins will need bit of regrowth and healing but I'm not worried since I see them healing already

Needless to say, he has two companions that are always keeping an eye on him


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Aww, I'm so happy and for you that he's doing so well now.
He's so gorgeous!

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