New fish! And a question about air quality.

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    Hello all! I'm new to this site and recently bought a new Betta. I used to keep them a few years back but had to stop for a while. Therefore I'm a little rusty with the hobby. The last time I had a fish was in junior high or high school. Now I'm in college and decided to liven up the apartment with a five gallon tank on my desk. Honestly, I REALLY wanted to divide a ten or twenty gallon again, but money and the worry of a too-heavy tank collapsing my cheapy college desk forced me to think small. I did the whole obsessive-online-research-refresher-course thing for a week or two to make sure I didn't forget anything important with the setup. Finally earlier today I bought a beautiful half moon from PetCo that caught my eye and acclimated him to the 5 gal I had set up. Everything seems to be going well so far. After exploring a bit he spent about 15 minutes flaring at his own reflection in the glass, until I cut the lights so he wouldn't get too stressed out and hurt himself. Now I can see him lazily exploring again in the dimness.

    Anyway, the question: I'm in college and my roommate has a couple of dogs. They can make the place smell a bit, well, like dog. To fix this we sometimes spray air fresheners or light candles. It just occurred to me that this might not be good when my Betta comes up for air. Does anyone know if air fresheners or scented candles could damage his labyrinth organ, even it it's just a light spray? Should I stop using them in my bedroom completely? Last time I had fish it wasn't an issue because I lived with my parents and had no other pets that could smell up the place. I would hate to accidentally suffocate this little guy just because we waned the place to smell like fabreeze!

    Oh, BTW, here are some pics I took earlier a little after he was released from acclimation. I'm still in awe that there were fish like this one at the pet store! Back in my day all you could find at any LPS were terribly mistreated veiltails or the rare half-dead crown (although admittedly my hometown pet shops were pretty limited). Halfmoons and Deltas only came from breeders online. Period. I really must have missed something these last few years! He is still unnamed and appears to be steel and red, but it changes a bit at different angles. I love it! He seemed a little pale in the cup, I'm hoping that with a nice warm tank and some good food he'll brighten up soon. Sorry the lighting wasn't very good, and he didn't want to float still for a good pic. Enjoy!

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    I have scented candles, and a glade plug in. I would not use an aerosol though, in a room with a tank. And if I did, I would not point it in the direction of the tank.

    My concern is stuff getting in the water, not damaging my anabantoids.
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    Welcome to fishlore.

    It may hurt him avoid using it around the tank and it will probably be fine if you have a hood that will help some good pics it is a pretty fish. :)
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    Thanks guys! I'll be careful then. And yes, I always keep a cover on my Betta. I've had several jump if their container was left uncovered for a little while. Some I could save, others weren't so lucky. Once a female even jumped through the narrow equipment cut-out of a lid in the middle of the night. We didn't know until the next morning when we realized she was missing and looked all over the floor and behind the stand. Sad day.
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    Welcome! That is one pretty looking fish!