New fire eel

I have had 2 fire eels in the past......the first would actually stick its head out of the water to eat earthworms from my grew to 18” long before eventually passing away for no reason that I could identify.......super fun fish for my entire family......the next one I bought when it was an adult.....maybe 12” never ate anything and died within a month of hiding out not eating......

I am trying it again.....I got an eel that is about 6” long.... looks healthy after a week in the tank even though it hasn't eaten anything yet......

Any tips on feeding these guys? I don't want this guy to have the same fate as my second one......
Young eels are notoriously difficult to feed and often don't survive, due to starvation. Is it alone in the tank or are there other fish? I kept a peacock eel for many years and it eventually became tame enough to eat from my hand (but I think it took a few years). Mine loved live tubifex worms and I suspect it also ate baby shrimp. Eels are nocturnal, so it is difficult to see them eating. They are usually very shy for the first year, at least.
Check what they were feeding it at the fish store!

I used to have a fire eel and I spent months trying to ween it off live foods... Most young fire eels only eat live food and they tend to feed them live foods in the fish store.

I would wiggle defrosted bloodworms using a forceps to tempt him.... Litterly took months before he finally ate them.

I fed him worms from a wormery I kept in back garden.

Have you tried live foods?
What are you currently trying to feed it?
I googled and this info may be useful to you. I had no idea they could get so large, but it's not the kind I kept. There is food info at the end.

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