New filter and some questions.

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Henri, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. HenriWell Known MemberMember

    Hey guys!
    So my birthday was last week and I finally got some money to spend on fish supplies :D. The first thing I purchased so far is a filter for my empty 20gallon. I got it at the LFS for $15 and it seems quite good, it's strong and has two large pieces of sponge.
    So my auestions are, first:
    The filter has a little tube connected to the outtake (many people connect their diy CO2 tubes and use it as a diffuser). The filter came with a 35-40cm (~18") airline tube and a plastic cap. If you connect this to the tube next to the filter's outtake, it will produce bubbles.
    Now the package says "Air Supply Pump", but will this really work as an air pump? Can I use it as a substitute of an air pump? If so, it would really save me, as I'm running a DIY CO2 and I don't have much space left for a bubble wall. Pics:
    -Next question: This filter is rated as a 650littre per hour, but it's not true is isn't it? It is powerful though, and the filter is about 25 cm(10") tall.
    So should I use it with or without the "Air pump" tube?
    I'm glad I got it for this cheap and it has a decent amount of media.
    Here are more pics, of the package and the filter without the extra tubing.
    So sorry for the low quality poctures!
    And thanks for your help!
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  2. catsma_97504Fishlore LegendMember

    That tube function is known as venturi. If the other end is out if the water, then yes it replaces your air pump and bubble stone.

    You'd mentioned DIY CO2. Air should only be used overnight when the lights are off. You would need to add/remove the tubing to stop the air from gassing off your CO2 during the day when your plants will be growing and photosynthesizing.

    Happy Birthday Henri.
  3. HenriWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks so much Dena!
    This is an internal filter, right? I'll keep in mind what you said about adding the air when needed. Much appreciated :D!
  4. iZaO JnrWell Known MemberMember

    Yes this is an internal power filter and IMO the best way to filter smaller tanks :):)

    I have one running on all my tanks except the 110g and do a great job. They do take up space but its a sacrifice for the great price, which where i live is a blessing just as much as it is to you i see :):)

    As for the air, you just leave the end of the airline with the cap out of the water and the force of the rushing water will pull the air down the pipe. As Dena mentioned, this is called venturi function. I also say run itr at night because it will clash with your co2 systems. You can also hook up your co2 source to this and it will diffuse it quite well i've found.

    AS for the rating, i have a smaller one than that and is rated @ 800 litres per hour. I've tested it and it runs at 750 lph without the media bag, which is what they did to attain the rating. 650 lph will be fine, and i would say that number seems accurate enough for me :):)

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