new filter and new 306 fluval series

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    luke355027355027 Well Known Member Member

    Well guys I recently bought a new filter for my 60 gallon tank. My other tank runs two fluval 205s and today I went looking for a 405 filter. Well when I was about to buy it when my friend/the owner told me to take a look at the 06 series. For about 50 bucks less and I only lost 27 gallons. I ended up buying the fluval 306. It gets 303 GPH has a very sleek design its quiet and I had some extra $ to buy some neon tetras to bump up my school and next I might get some clown loaches. So if your looking for a new filter I would reccomend a look at the 06 series
  2. JoeyB

    JoeyB New Member Member

    Purchased a Fluval 406 about 2 weeks ago and Love it!