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    I was doing a deep cleaning on my 29 gallon, taking everything out to vacuum the sand, and there he was a Pepper Cory fry. I was a little surprised to say the least. I had found eggs on the glass of the aquarium three times. The first time I had no idea what the eggs where from, and worried they where snail eggs, I removed them. Then I was on the internet researching Corys and saw a picture of Cory eggs on aquarium glass, then I knew what they where. So twice more my Pepper Cory laid eggs on the glass, and I left them alone. Out of about 30 eggs, I found this little guy. Since I know I have a mated pair, maybe I should consider setting them up their own tanks to breed in. Pepper Cory Fry.jpg
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    That'll be fun!
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    Congrats! I'm surprised that little one survived without getting eaten. I have been raising Cory fry for a while. I actually have around 80 fry right now! Fun creatures to take care of. 20180620_075718.jpg