New external filter, pipes disgusting

I have a panorama 64 litre tank and have used the original internal filter for 3 years, this filter stopped working so about a month ago I bought a new external filter, but the pipes look all hinged up with already, even the outflow pipe.
How often am I supposed to pull it all apart to clean the pipes etc?
I clean inside the filter and media every week
I service all my filters at the end of the month, including cleaning impellers and housing. I use one of those long flexible tube brushes for the cannister hoses.

I don't think I'm typical though.

I guess it depends on your stocking-type of fish and numbers of; your water change schedule and feeding habits. It could help to have a sponge on the intake.
Yeah they are pretty gross. But they are good gross. Unless they are totally plugged. I have had my canister filter up since May of 18 and I cleaned the lines when they started spitting brown gook every time I turned it back on. So once. They have BB in that gook too so its good. I have a double end brush thats like 7ft I got on amazon to clean them. Took more time to get them off the tank.
Very similar, I’ve had my one canister set up since July 2018. It wasn’t spitting gunk but I figured I should clean them. I also used that really long brush thing from Amazon.
They weren’t dirty!
I do wipe down the intake tube and output nozzle thingy every 2 months or whenever they look gross.
And I rinse the internal sponges and biomedia monthly.
I need to do my filter soon haven't since the end of The filter itself not the

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