New Emerald Cory not doing well

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    eman1974 New Member Member

    I have a tank that has cycled for about a month. I have 3 Opaline Gouramis which appear to be doing fine - 1 died the first night. Store had no more Gouramis, so I got a single Emerald Cory to replace it. When I got the cory home, he was not very active in the bag while I adjusted him to the water temp - less active than previous Corys Ive had.

    Since I've introduced him to the tank, he spent most of his time sitting on the bottom. When he does swim, he usually heads up and down to the top of the tank, and his swimming is not normal.

    At this point I'm assuming that its stress from introducing him to the tank. Does this soudn right, and can I do anything to help him out?

    QQQUUUUAADDD Well Known Member Member

    Emerald cories are too big for a 25. Try a group of 6 pandas.

    If you insist on keeping him, add like 4 more emerald cories.

    Cories LOVE to be in groups.
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    eman1974 New Member Member

    Unfortunately he didn't make it. No replacements this time. Going to research if I can find tank mates for the gouramis.
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    Aww, sorry to hear about your cory.

    Thank you for joining FishLore, and welcome to the forum. Please let us know how we can help with your fishkeeping questions.
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    sorry to hear about your loss, don't let it run you down. It's a beautiful hobby, just requires a bit of learning to start off. Learning never stops though!

    Welcome to the forum!