New Discus Project

  1. Disc61 Well Known Member Member

    Well, got moved in and most of the boxes are unpacked, so i can begin thinking of the next Project. My wife came to me and said " i dont think i like where the computer cabinet is"
    you know, move into a new house and you move things 2 or 3 times before you end up liking it. well, i agreed that it need to go into another room.
    So, what do we do with the space it provided. to much a surprise ( because i have a room down in the basement devoted to my aquariums) she said why don't you put the Aquarium with the Oak stand there?
    So, the new Discus tank begins.
    here are a few pics of the refinished Stand and Canopy and i am beginning to paint a very light blue back and floor space ( as the tank will be barebottom).

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  2. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    Very nice! It'll be interesting to see how this turns out. If this tank is going to be in the house, why keep it barebottom?

  3. Disc61 Well Known Member Member

    just my beliefs for Discus. many water changes are easier to do in barebottom tanks.
    with that said i am eventually going to have live plants in this tank using planting pots. i seen the idea from someone over on simplydiscus and it looked very nice, still allowing for easy cleaning.
    of course. i seem to change my mind 2 or 3 times a day, so who knows. if I go with a substrate it would be a light covering of sand.
    i am also considering a variety of silk plants attached to some rocks and structures of things.
  4. Disc61 Well Known Member Member

    OK, tank is painted. I went with a very light blue.
    have a few head and taillights in there now for a few weeks. still need to complete the canopy with hinges for the front piece. the old ones were in bad shape and i had to remove them.
    this is the tank and equipment i picked up for $100. it is a 55 gallon tank.
    it will house 6 discus in total, they will be a mixture and i will be ordering online from Kenny. can't wait for that experience, everything i have read and research on this importer is top notch, have already been in contact with him.

    here is a Pic of the set up at this point.

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  5. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    Very nice! I think you definitely want to get some darker colored Discus to stand out. Light blue can be a difficult color to stock around but once you get a good color scheme going it looks amazing. Adding a few darker colored plants like Anubias and Java Ferns might also help. For those plants you'd need wood, which I think looks good with Discus anyway. Some really branchy or root like wood would look nice. Grapevine wood comes to mind.

    I really like the stand but I think you may want to try to tint it a slightly darker color. I say this because it clashes with the wood floor you have. A darker colored stand would also enhance the blue color of your background. Just my thoughts though ;D. I hope you don't mind me suggesting different things. Anyway you do it your tank is gonna look good, I just thought you might want some input on the color scheme ect.
  6. Disc61 Well Known Member Member

    Nope, not at all Jonathan, looking and excepting any advice. i agree with the color of the stand and may eventually darken it up a bit.
    the Java fern and anubias is exactly what i had in mind for plants and actually i have a whole box( a very big box) full of manzanita wood. some really nice pieces will be chosen and should look very nice in there.
    when it comes to the Discus<, i think i will be staying away from the Blue Diamond and the White Butterfly with this color. funny i was choosing these 2 as part of the 6 until tonight. the light blue tank came out lighter than i thought. but I still like it. the others i have in mind are darker in color and will really stand out, just have always liked the Blue Diamond.
  7. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    Yeah. I just saw an auction for 100+ Anubias and I think it is at around $90 shipping included. I wish I could get all them lol! Apparently they were grown out in a 55g. Java Fern never grew well for me but I do know a wholesaler who has a huge variety of plants and has really really good prices. His Java Ferns are absolutely massive. He also sells "Java mats" which are basically Java Ferns that are grown on some sort of mat. The mats I used to use were made out of coconut hair.

    Manzanita wood is nice! Not sure if I've ever had it in any of my tanks though. Is it the one that tints the water really nicely?

    See I have the opposite problem than you. My tank is pretty dark so I need lighter colors. I've been looking at some Cobalt Blues but they are always really expensive. What sizes and colors are you looking at?

    It is interesting that your starting a Discus tank now lol. A good friend of mine is also starting one but his is a 300g. He has a large group of wild Discus and Angels on their way to him. Are you going to keep yours a species tank or do you think you'll add something else like otos?

  8. Disc61 Well Known Member Member

    300 gl would be nice, wouldn't it?
    Yeah, this tank will be Species only. i am going with 4-5 inch for the size, just depends on what he has at the time. probably be his April or May order.
    right now my short list looks like this. A Virgin Red, Red spotted Green, an Eruption Leopard, a Red Turq, an Alenquer/Curipera Cross and a Carnation Pigeon. although there are 4 or 5 more in that list that may steal a spot when it comes time to order.
    I have been working with Manzanita wood for about a year now. like most woods it leaks tannins, which give you that tint. but i have found the more you soak it before you use it in your tank the less it tints. is becomes a darker color in the water in general and i am thinking it should add a nice change in this tank.
  9. lorabell Well Known Member Member

    This is gonna be AWESOME!!!!!! I have a discus tank also....55 gallon.....I absolutely love your ideas....I use silk plants in with mine(I have way to much going on to do live plants...dogs,birds,cats, 14 tanks)....I have been lucky in using pool filter sand in with mine, they look beautiful against it.....been easy to keep maintained also. Just a thought for u....good luck on it!!!!!!
  10. Disc61 Well Known Member Member

    thanks, i am really debating the sand. i use sand in all my other tanks and i know it would be easy to keep clean. I do like the looks of it in the tank.
    put a sponge filter in today and another heater for backup. start adding some decor next week, Sand?? we'll have to wait and see.

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  11. Disc61 Well Known Member Member

    Well I have run into my first obstacle. I put the light in ( 48 in Dual ) and one of the lights does not work. i play with it for a while as neither was working to begin with. ( this was all used and probably been a couple years since it has been used.) i will have to take it a part and see if it can be fixed.
  12. Disc61 Well Known Member Member

    Ok, went out and bought a shop light, cost $9. used the guts of the new shop light to fix the aquarium light. cost for labor, a couple hours this evening down in the shop room downstairs. all back together and working and saved the cost of buying a new dual strip light.

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  13. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    Good job! Looks much better than what I could have done.
  14. Disc61 Well Known Member Member

    Next on the agenda, some manzanita wood. i have had a box full for over a year, when we decided to get ready to sell our house ( about a year and a half ago) we packed away a lot into a storage unit. now that we are finally moved, i have some new stuff.
    i went through it, and I think these are the peices i'll use for this project.
    will soak in some water for several days then it should be ready to go into tank.

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  15. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    They all look pretty nice. I like the two on the far left in the first picture. They look nice and branchy. I can't really tell how large the pieces are but they look big. How are you going to position them in the tank?
  16. Disc61 Well Known Member Member

    just not sure of that little piece yet. probably be in and out of the tank several times before it is all done. not sure if i can use all of them but thought i would start off with this much anyway. I thought about using silicone or something to hold them together, but then it may make it tougher to pull it out for good cleanings. although how dirty does a Discus tank really get, not very. no hurry though, i have time to sort it out. any ideas??
    i think most of the pieces are around 24 to 30 inches.
  17. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    Okay. I find that discus really appreciate really branch pieces of wood that come out into the tank. Kinda so there are things to swim around. I can't explain it so well but here are some pictures to give you a good idea of what I mean.



    [​IMG] vinboy on

  18. Disc61 Well Known Member Member

    Wow, i like the first 2 the best, but all of those are super. I certainly thank you for those pics. i will definitely be coming back and forth from the living room to the computer to arrange this tank. and yeah, now i like the idea of sand. thanks Jon.
  19. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    Haha your welcome. If you want more ideas look for my aquascapes thread. It has a bunch of pages full of aquascapes on it. There should be a couple discus or blackwater tanks which are similar to the ones I posted above. I'm glad you found them helpful. I always try to go from pictures so I know what looks good haha.
  20. Disc61 Well Known Member Member

    i will be sure to check out your Aquascapes thread, actually i think i remember looking at that thread a while back. thanks again. nothing going on today, work has gotten in the way.