New discovery with one of my black moors!!

  1. Emilynn55 Member Member

    So I didn't notice it until just now. Not even when we got him at the pet store. I liked him because he was one of the smaller ones and the other bigger fish in the tank sorta would just run into him and move him out of the way and push him out of the way. He also swims kind of awkwardly but I also thought that was cute. I was paying attention to the tail fins on my other moor (I check every day to make sure that they are not being infected with ich) when I noticed my smaller moors fins. His back tail fin is fused together, unlike my other fish who has a beautiful and flowing tail that splits cleanly down the middle.

    So out of curiosity does anyone else have a fish with this unique quality or even a different uniqueness about them? I don't like calling it a deformity because it was essentially why I picked him. Because he was different from the rest.

    Also if anyone else has had a fish with this similar situation is there anything I should watch for or be concerned about? I already try and feed him separately because he does kinda get knocked about by my other fish but other wise he seems to do ok.

  2. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Yeah it's fine. The double-tail is a fancy goldfish thing and how split/fused the tail is is, if I recall, an aspect of "grading" goldfish for pet store, hobby and show-grade fish.

    I have two ranchus whose tails are nearly completely fused like this. They also have slightly curled gill plates. They are just about as cute and sweet as a fish can get and are, in no way that I can see, hindered by this.

    It sounds like you're doing fine. I've got a poor swimmer in my 29g. He'll get stronger with good diet and adequate room to grow. Hand-feeding is a good way to make sure he gets fed and also bond with them. My worst swimmer is my best hand-feeder and my new ranchus are just learning how to hand feed.

    Just make sure he's on a varied, balanced and enriched diet. It'll help him grow and get stronger. Along with a pellet, I use veggies, frozen fish foods and I supplement all meals with VitaChem or Garlic Guard. Vitachem will add vitamins to the diet and Garlic Guard is an appetite stimulant and an immune system booster. My little pet store goldies have come quite a long way on this diet and my breeder ranchus, well, they were fed this way even back at the breeder so they're pretty strong fish too.

  3. ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    So you picked a fish beautiful in your eyes, perhaps not a ribbon winner in the eyes of others?
    Who cares, you both get winners ribbons from what I see----best to You, rick
  4. Emilynn55 Member Member

    How do you and feed them?


  5. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    With goldfish it doesn't usually take much lol. They want the food so they come and get it.

    Of course some foods are not easily hand fed but peas are a good one to hand feed. I cut the pea into half and then half again. Drop on some garlic guard and just hold it beneath the water till someone gets it. And someone will. The rest learn from the first one.

    At least that's how it happened for all 7 of my goldies.

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  6. Emilynn55 Member Member

    Think it would work with a tiny bit of blanched cucumber?? I've got plenty of those.

  7. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Sure :) As long as it isn't seasoned or anything I think you are fine.

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  8. Emilynn55 Member Member

    We have fresh cucumbers from our garden that we can use. We don't use pesticides or chemicals.

  9. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Sounds great. I think they will love it!

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