New cycled tank - 2 new BRs -their current behavior-what to do?

Discussion in 'Ram Cichlid' started by timokeef, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. timokeefNew MemberMember

    We have a 55 gal. tall tank that has been cycled for about 3 months. It is planted with spiderwood and rocks, our water quality readings steady and good, temp at 77 F. We have five cherry barbs, six rasboras, 6 cories, 1 BN pleco, and now 2 Bolivian Rams. They were the last two in the tank at the LFS when I bought them. I have tried to sex but still such a newbie so I just don't know. We have had them about five days. At first they swam closely together but after a couple of days one started picking at the other. I am most worried about the one that stays usually in the top left corner of the tank by the heater and behind the sword plants, although he/she does come out to eat and the two chase each other a bit and then back to opposite sides. Our stocking plan is to eventually get two small angel fish. I have read conflicting things about how many BRs to get -and a "harem" doing better than a pair. More BRs? Or wait and see how they do? Remember we would also like to get 2 angelfish.
    Thank you!
  2. tyguy7760

    tyguy7760Fishlore VIPMember

    In those pics they look stressed. I'd give it a little more time to see if they figure things out. One hiding in the top corner away from the other is common and when it has happened in my tank with other cichlids, they eventually work things out as long as they are still both eating. Give it some more time. Chasing and nipping can be common with cichlids. Just watch to see if there is any real damage and make sure they both are still eating.
  3. OP

    timokeefNew MemberMember

    Thank you for your reply. I will keep my eye out and not add any more fish for awhile. The fish that stays in the corner is my most worry regarding eating. The other one eats very well.
  4. tyguy7760

    tyguy7760Fishlore VIPMember

    If it's not eating then I wouldn't give it to long. You may need to rehome one

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