New Cory cats?

  1. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    Hi everyone! I have a 10gal tank with one cory cat. It is still cycling and is taking forever. I was wondering if I could add 2 more Cory cats for my little buddy. He just hides all the time and is really lonely... I have given up on the cycling for the time being. I'm upgrading soon and will fishless cycle that tank, and move all my Cory cats into the new tank. Then I'll fishless cycle m 10 and probobly get a betta. With daily watervhanges will the threesome be ok for a few weeks?
  2. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Having more buddies would definitely make your cory come out and around especially at night since they are more nocturnal. BUT I would wait until the tank is cycled before adding them. Corys don't usually fare well in a cycling tank.

  3. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    Oh really? I've heard they are sensative but my little albino Cory cat is the sole survivor of the cycling so far. I've tried platys balloon mollies and even lost a snail. Will the ammonia still be too high with daily water changes and for only a few weeks? I'm kinda worried that the stress may be more dangerous for my little buddy than the ammonia. Are there any other fish that may keep him company?
  4. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I'm with Carol, it wouldn't be a good idea to expose anymore fish to the toxins while cycling.
    I understand you're wanting to give your little cories some pals, but do you really want to risk their health?
    What are you readings?

  5. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    My ammonia is below or at .25 ppm constantly. Occasionally I'll get a spike, but that's quickly fixed with a water change. I guess I'll just wait it out till I get my new tank and fishless cycle it. I really wish I had fishless cycled from the start. I am sooo fed up with this tank :( oh well. Hopefully the new tank will run more smoothly.
  6. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I'm sorry if I've asked and you answered these question before, but are you still using stress zyme?
    Have you tested your tap water?
    Are you tesing the water before or after a water change? Are you using Prime? If so, how long after adding Prime are you testing?
    What is your nitrite and nitrate reading?
  7. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Patience :) It will cycle and then you will be able to get him some buddies.

  8. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    Not still using the stress zyme. I either condition my water by leaving it out for 24 hours or using some prime. I don't use the prime to reduce ammonia just for chlorine/chloramine.

    My tap water has a ph of 7 and an ammonia level of 0 . I have API ph and ammonia test.

    Nitrate and nitrite I'm not 100% positive about I made the mistake of buying quick dip tests and they don't register either. I'm hoping my parents will drive me to the lfs today so I can get the API test kits.
  9. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    You might want to update your aquarium info, thats why I thought you were using stress zyme.
    I'm with Carol on this, hang in there, find some patience (I know, hard to do)
    Continue daily water changes until the ammonia is consistantly 0 and see about getting an accurate nitrite and nitrate reading. That'll give us a better indication of where the cycle is.
    Your cycle may have been prolonged since you used stress zyme in the beginning.
  10. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks again for all the advice :) yeah I've been meaning to update my info... Sorry :) if I can convince my parents the new 29 gallon should be here in a week or 2. Maybe I can get this tank cycled a little better :)

  11. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Cycling a tank is like :;fru
    Good luck on getting the 29g. :)
  12. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello. Sorry to hear that your cycle is taking a long time. Have you considered using Tetra Safe Start (TSS)?

    Q & A With Tetra about Tetra SafeStart
    Hang in there and keep up with your daily water changes for the sake of your fish. I agree with above posters that you shouldn't subject any more fish to the cycling.
    TSS may have to be ordered as it can be difficult to find.

    Please don't confuse it with Tetra Aqua Safe. Completely different products.
    Best of luck
  13. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    im actually upgrading really soon, and therefore im not really worrying about the cycle. my tank will likley be taken down and sold, or given away. if not, all the the fish in it (well, one fish) will go to the new tank so i can fishless cycle if i keep it. i think ill look into the product though...