new catfish

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    tigger01109 New Member Member

    my daughter gave me a catfish she said its from the cory family ? it looks just like my pleco but w/wiskers, what is the kink? also it swims upside down and hangs out upside down, is this normal? sorry i have no pictures of it yet- but it is almost identical to the pleco. and is there is there a site just showing pictures of all types of tropical fish?
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    Jason Well Known Member Member

    Most of the Synodontis family enjoy being upside down.Synodontis Angelicas looks a bit like a pleco with whiskers. It is blake with white poker dots when young. but grows pretty big
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    RoboDude Valued Member Member

    I think that you are talking about an Upside Down Catfish. Yes, it's very normal for it to be swimming upside down, it's just a habit to them. Mine is always seen in his cave, hovering in one spot, upside down.