New canister filter switching from hang on back

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    MuchDev Initiate Member

    Hey there, I have been googling and thought I would throw a post up to see what the experts had to say :).

    I have a 20 gallon which I have had stable for about 2 months. I am running a marineland 350 (bio wheels) and just picked up a canister filter to try and get my setup a bit cleaner. The canister I have is a Marineland 1000. I know this is way overkill for the tank, but heck they are cheap on amazon right now.

    So in setting up the canister I took all the ceramic rings (2 bags) from the HOB and shoved them in a stage in the canister along with the filter floss off of the old filters that were in the marineland and left the old hob running just running water over the bio wheels.

    What do you think, should I try and break down the bio wheels and get them in the new filter too or rely on the floss and the ceramic rings to continue providing my biological filtration?
  2. leftswerve

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    go from this, I would have left the HOB alone other than removing a small bit of floss, set up the canister completely new, with the addition of the floss, then slowly removed pieces of the HOB from the system.
    From where you're at, leave the HOB alone, but won't the biowheels clog with no filtration behind them?
    FYI, 2 filters running aren't a bad set up and good for backup.