New BP choosing tankmates!

  1. eyesofgreen Initiate Member

    Hi all...I am the new owner to a young Blood Parrot Cichlid (if you don't like them...I understand your opinion but please respect mine) I currently have a 35 gallon bow front and am trying to figure out acceptable tank mates...any suggestions?
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    another parrot..they do much better in pairs or more...and eventually they will outgrow that tank so be ready...great fish with a ton of personality!@

  3. eyesofgreen Initiate Member

    I thought for even a young pair 40 gallons was recommended? I do not want to overcrowd my tank...I thought one would be alright in a 35 with a few smaller tankmates/dither fish?
  4. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello EyesOfGreen. I agree with Shawnie on adding another Bloody Parrot. This difference in behavior will be so much different having a buddy of his own species. Down the road I also agree that they will need a larger home. If they are really small you have a good while to enjoy them in the 35g. You'll know when it's time to upgrade. Don't over stock your tank. I think you would be ok to add a small school of Cory's but give them some hiding places.
    Bloody Parrots can be territorial towards new species. However, most of the aggression subsides after the first introduction of new fish. The one you have will do "very well" with a member of it's own kind. :)
    Best of luck and I hope you can share some photos!

  5. eyesofgreen Initiate Member

    thanks guys! I will look into getting another....mine is a reddish/orangey color so maybe I will try and hunt down a similar sized yellow....I do not know the gender of mine..should I be worried if I end up with two males?
  6. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello. Either sex of the Bloody Parrot will do fine. I don't know the sex of mine until I see the papilla exposed at spawning time. :)
  7. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    antyhing other than red/orange/brownish marks are dyed be aware of that ;) and no all the parrots get along well either sex

  8. eyesofgreen Initiate Member

    I have read that yellows are also natural? the local lfs I go to actually refuses to sell glassfish, glofish etc of anykind are ever kept in his stock....the only BPs i have ever seen him carry are red/orange/yellow
  9. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

  10. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    red is actually dyed as well if its a darker red....juvie parrots will have brown/black on them and adults are mainly orange with brown/black spots that appear over their lifetime..depending on their moods..but yellow is not natural

  11. eyesofgreen Initiate Member

    mine is like a rust-ish color....and I will def not buy a dyed one...I hate the idea...why buy dyed when there are so many natural beautiful colors? I saw a tank with blue/green/purple ones and while pretty it upset me
  12. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    The dye will fade and the fish will revert to orange. The process is just so not necessary. I did purchase some of my BP's that had been dyed (before I joined Fish Lore)and they are all now orange. Too, I think their growth may have been stunted because of the dye. I only buy true, orange ones now. :)
    Love 'em!
  13. eyesofgreen Initiate Member

    will a pair be alright in a 35 gallon though? I won't be able to upgrade for a few years as I live in an apartment. Once we are able to buy a house I plan on doing a MAJOR upgrade...but as for right now I do not have the room for a larger tank
  14. eyesofgreen Initiate Member

    my stock is now:
    1 Blood parrot, 2 pearl gouramis, 2 gold gouramis, 2 bala sharks, and 1 rainbow shark
  15. iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    Congrats on your BP. They're adorable fishies!

    :( Imo, that tank is gonna turn into one big territory brawl. Your sharks are going to need more room than a 35 and that many gouramis will more than likely kill each other in that size tank. Unfortunately, you may want to consider returning a number of your new fish.

    I'm also wondering if your tank is finished cycling? It would really be best if you waited until after it's cycled. The stress of an overstocked tank combine with water quality stress is not the best environment.

    I'm sorry. This is really cruddy news. Maybe others will have different opinion on it. :-\
  16. eyesofgreen Initiate Member

    this tank has been set up for years has def been cycled. I stocked with the advise of my local fish club (of which I have become a member) and the advise of my lfs
  17. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    The advise of your LFS and local club was horrible to be honest.

    If you ask me Balas shouldn't be in a tank smaller than a 150gal. And it doesn't matter how small they are now. They grow fast with proper care and should be kept in schools. They are very active and also very skittish. They really shouldn't be kept in a 35gal tank.

    I have read lots that rainbow sharks and gouramis mix well together. with that said though, 5 of them shouldn't really go in a 35gal, along with two balas and a blood parrot.

    Just because a LFS person and/or people at a local club say something, like everything else in life don't believe everything you hear. With all the info now with google and such there is no reason to believe what you are told from one or two people. Sure ask questions but do the leg work yourself also, gather as much info as possible and make a decision from there.

    Good luck but that tank really has too much in it the way it is now.

  18. bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    I'm confused. If it's been set up for years, how is it showing nitrites and not nitrates?

    You have a really good chance of someone getting hurt or killed, especially with four gouramis in a tank that size. Gouramis don't play well with other gouramis. You MIGHT be able to get away with one pearl and one gold, but the gold may very well attack your pearl.

    Also, bala sharks like to be kept in schools and they really should be kept in tanks of at least 100 gallons.

    Hope this helps!
  19. eyesofgreen Initiate Member

    hey I have no idea where you think I said it has nitrites and no nitrates...but I never mentioned either....

    upset about the awful advise but will wait and see who works out and will get rid of the ones that don't
  20. iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    In the "Aquarium Info" section, it states your nitrites are .10 and your nitrates are 0; that's why I first wondered if your tank was cycled. If it is cycled, you may want to update that info, so members don't keep wondering the same. The more we know about member tanks, the better advice we can offer. :)

    Hopefully you're there when they don't work out; though, often it seems disaster strikes just when we leave the room....

    Best wishes.