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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Scar, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Scar

    ScarNew MemberMember

    hi guys, I'm new here on this forum. I'm actual an avid saltwater keeper, but recently developed a love for bettas. I came across this guy and bought him for $20. Not sure if I overpayed but I personally had never seen a black crowntail in stores! So I just had to. Right away I knew a few things were wrong with him, but the owner assured me that his "problems" would heal. I hate seeing animals suffer, and this guy was living in a tiny cup. Smaller than the ones at Walmart ): hopefully you can help identify if there's anything serious.

    Firstly I noticed his quite a few of his fins were curled/linked. I've researched fin rot to death, but I'm just not experienced with bettas enough to say thats what it is. My best guess. They were kinked/curled due to the crammed little cup he was in? Any help! I'm keeping him in a gallon of water, ONLY until I can be assured that I can take care of his problems before they get out of hand! I have a 5 gallon fluval that's all his sitting awaiting to be cycled. any help would be appreciated. His food: I just purchased new spectrum betta pellets. Conditioned water with betta safe.

  2. WishNixie

    WishNixieValued MemberMember

    Hello, welcome to Fishlore. :) I'm pretty new too. I'm still not completely confident that I am experienced enough to give you advice, but I can certainly welcome you, and add a bit of comfort.

    I have a betta, and have experience with them, but.. not sickly ones. :( I'm sorry your beautiful new guy might not be 100% well. He looks okay/normal to me? But from what you describe... it sounds like it might be clamped fins? Maybe you can google this and see if it looks like what you're noticing with your new guy?

    If he is clamped, I believe that is derived from stress.. so if it's confirmed by others, I am sure frequent water changes will be suggested. But I would wait until people confirm or deny before you do anything. So many know SO much here, so you've definitely come to the right place.
  3. OP

    ScarNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the reply! Yes I too think his current condition is due to stress induced by the small environment he was in. Hopefully the little guy recovers ): he's too pretty too suffer!
  4. Sen

    SenValued MemberMember

    What a lovely crowntail! Good on you for giving him a forever home. :)

    Sometimes betta fins just naturally curl a little because of water conditions, such as pH. I believe it's natural and won't harm the betta--my crowntail has slightly curled fins as well.

    Is the temporary container you're keeping him in heated? Keeping the temperature steady and at 76 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit will help with the stress.

    Also, if you'd like to cycle a tank fast, try Tetra Safe Start+.

    Best of luck with your new betta buddy! Keep us updated with how he's doing.
  5. OP

    ScarNew MemberMember

    It is not heated! But my current home the room that he stays in, is constantly right around 75-76 degrees. But the 5 gallon that he's going in is heated indeed! I'm gonna have to check on the tetra safe+, maybe my local fish store will have it, thank you for the suggestion!

    I'm happy to know it's nothing serious, he's too cool of a fish for me to see him suffer! So if it's pH related, do you think I'll see improvements as the days go by in this new environment?
  6. Sen

    SenValued MemberMember

    Most likely! There's a chance the edges of his fins might still be a little curled, though. There's a fair number of other threads about this, such as:
    Betta Fins Curling
    Curling Fins?
    Betta Fins are curled
  7. OP

    ScarNew MemberMember

    glad to know! However I noticed another thing today, his fins are turning red....unless that's a color change of some sort, I have no clue what else that could be indicating. Here's a picture

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  8. WishNixie

    WishNixieValued MemberMember

    Hmmm. Maybe he has red naturally, but wasn't healthy enough to show all of his colors before? I've heard of that happening before.

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