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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Crankkt, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. CrankktNew MemberMember

    I recently (Aug. 7)got a veil tail betta off someone. It was in a .5 gallon unfiltered tank. When I brought him home I put him in a 2.5 gallon, added some seeded substrate from another tank and put in a tetra whisper 3i filter. When I brought him home, the "tank" he was in was gross. The water stank, was full of old food, almost chunky. He has perked up a lot since Thursday. I've been watching parameters closely but I hope there was enough media to jump start the cycle quite a bit. I've uploaded a picture of the betta. Some of his fins look shriveled and curled. He swims mostly with his pectoral fins and doesn't use the others much at all. I've been feeding him betta flakes daily and bring shrimp every other. Will his fins grow or repair themselves? Is there anything I can do besides watching water parameters to help? Thanks for the help and reading all of it;-)

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  2. junebugFishlore LegendMember

    Ammonia like that in his old tanks causes the curling. Keep his water clean and cut back on the feeding, he will recover. His fins may never fill out though, as often happens with severe damage like this.

  3. AngelZeeValued MemberMember

    It may take a while for your betta to recover but soon you will see some progress, the tank is in the process of cycling so just continue water changes to make things a bit safer in there for him.

    Other than that, there isn't much to do, the transition from a big tank to a tank half the size may have caused stress as well so perhaps that is why he isn't very active at the moment.

    But bettas aren't very active anyways. You can get him a betta log or a betta leaf for him to rest in if you'd like.

    The log is basically a log tunnel in which they can go in and rest their body in and the leaf if also for resting but with an open top basically. They are just little things bettas will appreciate as they aren't active swimmers.
  4. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    I got a new betta named Eddie about a fortnight ago, he had bad fin damage when he arrived. They've doubled in size since he got here with daily water changes. Just wanted to give you some hope!

    Good luck!xx
  5. CrankktNew MemberMember

    I'm glad there's some hope for him. Thanks for all the replies :)

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  6. lala29Well Known MemberMember

    When i first put my two girls in together they fought like there was no tomorrow (silly mistake made by me).

    Within a week and a half of good water changes and some immune boost food they were back and beautiful :)

    Keep your hopes high and your eyes wide :)
  7. MamajinWell Known MemberMember

    To follow up with the advice from Junebug;

    You cannot cycle a tank with substrate from another tank. The majority of nitrifying bacteria live in and on the porous bio-media found in the filter because by choice that's where the bacteria will go. Filters are designed to push aquarium water through the bio-media, which in turn helps the nitrifying bacteria reproduce and thrive due to the oxygen the flowing water provides.

    You can, however, purchase bags of substrate specifically designed for that purpose that contains live bacteria... it's called CaribSea Instant Aquarium. I cannot recall if I've seen it at PetSmart or PetCo, but one of them normally carries it. It's expensive, so you may wish to instead use Tetra Safe Start. Id toss a bottle in there if it were me.
  8. Adam55Well Known MemberMember

    It's Petco. And + 1 on offering Instant Aquarium as an option. It never really gets mentioned but it actually works.
  9. Amzwiz87Valued MemberMember

    Hopefully he will perk up soon since he is in clean water and of that half gallon cube! My Betta swims all over the place! He also enjoys the occasional lounge on his Betta Hammock in the evening! Good luck! I am sure he is happy to be rescued! I am new to Bettas, but I read online that aquarium salt is handy when treating illnesses! Here's a link I was reading then other day! Your guy looks like he might have fin melt!


    Hope it help!

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  10. Amzwiz87Valued MemberMember

    Wow. So many typos! Haha! Sorry!

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  11. MamajinWell Known MemberMember

    Some of that information is correct, and some of it is not. You cannot use any type of salt. The best salt to use is salt that was created for Freshwater aquariums such as API Aquarium Salt. I know a lot of people feel it's the same as seasalt, and to a degree it is in that this is where it comes from. But it has also undergone different types of treatment from the manufacturer to make it useful for freshwater aquariums.

    I just don't want others new to the hobby thinking they can add marine salt to their freshwater tanks, because you can't.

    Here's a good article about aquarium salt and its uses by aquatic veterinarians, Foster & Smith:  

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