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    I have a betta and I’ve been wanting to redo his tank for a while, right now he has blue substrate and fake plants, and a large sea shell in his tank. It’s a ten gallon, Walmart LED hood lamp and he is the only fish, he also has a heater and a filter so he’s set.

    I would like to do a more natural setup, mainly with live plants, rocks or drift wood. I know I’m getting Anubias, Amazon sword, and java fern. Ok now my questions are:

    *what substrate
    *suggestions on rock or wood
    *are those plants ok or suggestions on plants (only ever had a few amazon swords and they seem ok)
    *any website suggestions on where to get this stuff cheap

    I have a few places I can go, petsmart. I can look on amazon, and a LPS but it’s more expensive. Please give all the help ou can
  2. TheBettaSushiWell Known MemberMember

    So glad that you’re going the natural route. I’ve had a lot of success with low tech plants.

    Amazon swords need to be planted in substrate so I’d suggest either large gravel (something that can’t be ingested by your betta), Eco complete soil or a cheaper aquarium soil, or seachem flourite (comes in black or reddish brown depending on what color you’re going for). Swords need to grab a hold of substrate for them to grow and the extra nutrients in the soil will help them thrive.

    I love dragon stone and slate as they’re inert and won’t change your water parameters. And the best wood I have come across is thick pieces of spider wood driftwood and mopani.

    I use spiderwood and have attached my Anubias plants and java fern on it. I also have Anubias petites tied to Ohko (dragon stone).

    Amazon and eBay will be your best bet. You can check petsmart online and see if what you’re looking for is on sale on their website. If it is, you can show it to them and they’ll adjust the price. If you have a petco close by, they’ll do the same and price match it for you.

  3. Somthing creativeValued MemberMember

    Thank you this is all very helpful. And I am thinking about just using plain gravel but in a natural color instead of my blue lol.

  4. TheBettaSushiWell Known MemberMember

    That works. I used National Geographic gravel in a natural color when I had swords. They will do well in gravel.

    If you decide on dragon stone, just make sure you clean it well (I used a wooden bbq skewer) to clean the crevices and holes because there is a lot of dirt in there. Once you clean it, you’ll find a lot of porous areas and holes which makes for a gorgeous hardscape. Here’s my tank if you want some inspiration on how to use the dragon stone.


  5. Somthing creativeValued MemberMember

    That is such a beautiful tank and fish. At first I thought it was wood but I can see the rock now. That’s something like I was going for, but possibly more plants idk yet.
  6. TheBettaSushiWell Known MemberMember

    Thank you.

    I have 12 plants in there and just trimmed them before taking this photo because it was getting to be too much and jungle like. There are 3 Anubias plants in the far left corner on spiderwood, two on rocks, 2 on the front left on spiderwood, and a ton of java in the back right corner. I have buce plants in the front left side on spiderwood and 3 on Ohko stone in the center... you can plant/attach rhizome plants pretty much anywhere and they will thrive. That’s why I love them!

    You have a 10 gallon and can do more plants. I just don’t have any more room and don’t want to plant in sand because it’s a hassle.

    Send some photos when you get your tank set up. We love to see photos here on fishlore :)
  7. Somthing creativeValued MemberMember

    My current tank set up image.jpg and just for kicks here is my betta image.jpg
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  9. Somthing creativeValued MemberMember

    Thank you, and surprisingly he’s a petsmart betta! He’s got such pretty colors for one. His tail has been ripping just a tad on his plants and that a HUGE reason I wanna make the switch to live, plus they look nicer
  10. TheBettaSushiWell Known MemberMember

    Mine is from petco lol! Yes make the switch. You’ll be happy you did.
  11. Somthing creativeValued MemberMember

    I’ve never seen petco Bettas but when I got my fish from my petco it wasn’t fun. Thy were all sick looking, not labeled correctly and thy gave me a pregnant one because thy put a male with a female by accident. Idk if it was their fault or not but either way who ever was in charge of the fish was not doing a fantastic job. Also (this is more a certain employee rather then the store itself) the lady that helped me was so uninterested and acted as though I was a huge hassle to deal with. Just the rudest lady. (Mind you I am below 18 years old, so basically to her just a kid who wanted a fish but still, I can’t think of a single person I know who wouldn’t try to make a slight bit of effort to seem a tiny bit interested if a young teen came asking for help)
  12. TheBettaSushiWell Known MemberMember

    So sorry to hear that. It’s not right to treat anyone that way, regardless of age. Employees should help no matter what and if they can’t even pretend to seem a bit interested, then they shouldn’t work in customer service. There are plenty of people who would love to take her job any day!!! I hope you or your parents filed a complaint against that employee because I definitely would.

    The petco near me has pretty good Bettas. They’re always labeled correctly as well. They’re all healthy and so are their other fish. I can’t say the same for my nearest PetSmart though. I guess it just depends on the manager and the location.

    This is my second time getting a betta from there. The first one I purchased lasted about 3 years until he developed a tumor and no matter what I tried, nothing worked. The second one (in my photo) is fairly new. He’s been with me about two months and has grown quite a bit and changing patterns/colors. If I were to ever see a betta that wasn’t in good condition, that’s the one i’d take home to at least give it a fighting chance. Thankfully though I haven’t come across one lately.

    I saw my new betta at the store but my tank wasn’t cycled just yet and I was planning on getting pea puffers. When I saw my betta, I couldn’t stop thinking about him... he looked so desperate. I went back to the store 3 days later and he was still there. It was meant to be because he was the koi left and the employee at the register said they were selling fast (she said that she sold 5 right before me). I guess mine got left behind because he has an underbite and a spoon head (which isn’t very desirable for some people). I thought he was cute and has so much personality that it overrules his little deformities. :)
  13. Somthing creativeValued MemberMember

    Aw that’s a cute story, that’s dry similar to how my sister got her betta. I saw him at petsmart and he was so cute, kinda calm and mello at first but if you walked up to his bowl he got super excited. He was in a bowl to show off some Christmas themed decor (no filter or heater) but I guess that’s better then a cup. He has so much personality and I had wished I had bought him right then and there after we left. Then my friend gave me a new fish gallon tank and I went and bought him a few days later (I couldn’t believe he was still there he was a beautiful fish)