New Betta? Tank Redo? Help?!

  1. TheCyanDragon

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    Hi everyone! So today I went to petco to get some dog food. But of course I had to look at the bettas. And one took my heart, a pastel blue plakat male with white flecks, orange fins, and a blue outline on the outside. I have a 10 gallon tank that has my betta, Andraste in it. I have everything to divide it but I need to redo the tank itself. I failed at the lighting and substrate for plants. I've done even more research on lights and sub. So if it redo the tank, where do I put Andraste? And if I get the new betta, where does he go? When/if I redo the tank, can it be lidless (advice on this?) I'll definitely have questions as this goes along. Please answer if you can! Thanks!

    (Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place)
  2. jl_1005

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    Hi I went through the exact same thing. I made a DIY betta tank divider for my 7 gallon, it works just fine :)

    Depending on the fish I wouldn't risk having no lid. Plus, if you have a heater in your tank, without lid the water may quickly evaporate and you will have to top-up frequently.


  3. VioletSS

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    I'd love to see a picture of him, OP!