New Betta: Is this normal?

  1. martini4 Member Member


    Just making sure it's normal for Bettas to lay like this. My fiancée just picked him up from Petco today.
  2. Zed Initiate Member

    Generally, yes. Bettas will hang out at the bottom of the tank, and not swim around much, then go up to the surface for air and right back down. It also takes time for the betta to get used to a new home, mine picked a spot to go hide in for the first month before he started to swim around the tank graciously. But what size tank is it in? what's the temperature of the tank? is it eating? do you know what your water parameters are? this info will help determine whether he is being lazy or if something is wrong... my money is on lazy :)
  3. martini4 Member Member

    10gal tank, 78degrees, pH 7.0 0-0-5 on ammonia, nitrite, nitrate. It's our first Betta so I was just being cautious.
  4. Zed Initiate Member

    yeah, he's fine. give him sometime and he'll get used to his new home.
  5. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    What's his name? It does look like he's just chilling out, if you think he's bored at all you can give him a ping pong ball or tape some photos to the tank. He's handsome by the way.:)
  6. martini4 Member Member

    She named him Alejandro. Don't know why lol. She wants to put "friends" in there with him and she thinks I'm being mean when I tell her no! But I don't want dead or stressed out fish.
  7. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    Interesting name! I like it.:) You could try some shrimp or snails in there with him. I can't get over how handsome he is, I love that sky blue. Did you get him from BBS or LFS or a breeder? Curious because he's so handsome!
  8. ashleyb Member Member

    I'm jealous of people who can keep snails and shrimp with their bettas. Mine tried to rip my mystery and nerite snails to shreds. He's a jerk. He will be by his lonesome until the day he dies lol
  9. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    Oh haha, my (Queen) Pebbles is a cruel and merciless queen, if she knows it's alive, it's dead. I've had luck with rabbit a rabbit snail with her, she doesn't realise it's alive. Keshet doesn't care about his rabbit snail, but he would sneak up on shrimp and bite them and became stressed. So shrimp are a no go for either of them... Maybe try a rabbit snail, they seem to be less "out" of their shell, but yours sounds like he is and knows he's the king. Haha.:)
  10. martini4 Member Member

    She got him from Petco. The only one that didn't look like he was on his last....fin. lol. The bowl says he's a Male Dragon Scale.
  11. ashleyb Member Member

    Man, he didn't seem to mind the nerite at first, in fact the nerite was there for a month and he never noticed, I think he thought it was a rock or something because they move so slow. But I put the mystery in there and she is BRIGHT yellow (golden inca snail maybe?) and he lost his chill. I'm talking nipping, body slamming, would not sleep. It was bad lol. And it's when I added the mystery snail that he then realized the nerite was alive, and not a rock. They had to be moved to my 55 gallon hahaha. He's such a jerk!
  12. ashleyb Member Member

    His fins look a little weak for a dragonscale. But he may just be stressed from transport too. Has he perked up at all?
  13. martini4 Member Member

    Yeah, he was hanging around the surface when I got home. Think he even built a bubble nest along the front glass.
  14. martini4 Member Member

    Well, he didn't make it found him dead this morning. Looked like his fins had gotten sucked into the filter intake and torn to shreds. Poor little guy. Not sure if it happened before or after he passed, I'd like to think it was after. Took the body to Petco in exchange for a veil tail that seems to be a lot perkier from the start.
    I also got a sponge and put over the intake tube to be safe.
  15. PythonTheBetta Member Member

    Swim in Peace Alejandro. I'm so sorry that he passed. *hugs* But now you can use your knowledge to give this fish the best life ever! Does the new fish have a name yet?
  16. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    Awe I'm so sorry, he is a beauty. SIP. :(Your new guy is a beauty as well.:)