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Hey guys,

I am a relatively new Betta fish owner, I have had one previously but honestly have not gone to the extent I have this time to make sure it is a very happy fish. I used to be one of those people when I was a teen who kept them in a small bowl with a fake plant. I know, it's appalling.

I bought a Fluval 2.6 gal tank, 4 live plants (2 of them moss balls if you count those), great gravel and some large, smooth pebbles. I also have a Hydor 25w water heater, replacement filter parts, pH tests, water treatment for tap water, and a minI gravel vacuum as my tank is not large, and a magnetic algae cleaner for the sides. I plan on purchasing a thermometer soon as well.

Food-wise, he seems to spit out the pellets I bought him but now feed him defrosted frozen blood worms which he seems to like about twice a day in small portions. He seems quite happy, the first day he seemed kinda quiet and hid behind the plants and didn't move around a lot but now he is swimming around, eating well and sleeping.

I've only had Fuego (he looks like a little flame) for about 3 days now. I am determined to keep him happy and healthy for as long as possible. My concern is I've never had to clean a tank like this before! I don't know how to use the gravel vacuum or how much water I should take out from each cleaning. I've heard different opinions ranging from 1/2 of the water give or take then I know some people completely remove the fish to clean ALL of it at once. That seems a little too much to do every week.

In my head I was planning on draining some of the water every 3-4 days (maybe once a week?) and just getting into the gravel and to get the dirt and give it a basic cleaning, and then once a month maybe cleaning the entire thing and taking the fish out of the tank while I do this.

Any advice to help me and Fuego would be great, I just don't want to spend every day or 3 times a week cleaning as I have a busy life and as much as I love this little guy I don't want to bother it by constantly cleaning it and taking him out. I've seen videos where people will keep them in the tank during this.

I will also attach a photo of my new little fish baby to show you how pretty he is (I'm quite proud of him haha).

Thanks for reading!



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I would cut back the feeding to once every other day. Bloodworms are highly nutritious but frozen foods can also really cause water quality issues if fed too often. I feed my betta the same diet and he is healthy and happy.

Water changes should be 50% weekly. If you are not cycled I suggest 50% every other day for a month That's only a gallon of water so it shouldn't take more than a few minutes. A test kit for ammonia, nitrite and nitrates such as the API Freshwater Master Kit is invaluable for ensuring the tank is completely cycled.

Do not do 100% water changes. If you do not know what "cycled" means, read about the nitrogen cycle.

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