New betta female.


Last night on one of my many late night visits to Wal Mart to visit my adopted buddies I noticed that someone had once again placed 3 males in one of the small cups they call home. So as I did last time I found this had happened I took it upon myself to place each one back in his own container. They only had the three males and one female left. The female was very active(fiesty) and ready to be out of her cup, but since they were not selling fish that late at night I had to make an early trip tonight to get her. She has a white belly with the faintest red almost pink at the edges of her fins. I think Crystal or such sounds like a good name, feel free for suggestions. So she will go home tonight and into the quarantine tank and then in 5 days when my ponds are ready the goldfish will evacuate the heavily overstocked 10G and will free it up for her. I am sure myself the goldfish and her will be very pleased.


That's great! Just make sure the tank has a heater in it as Goldfish don't need one but Bettas do. She'll need temps of 80-82F.
Have you reported the 3 males in one cup to the management? It's probably some idiotic kids doing it!  >  > They need to keep a close eye on them and find out who's doing it so they can be banned from the store! Maybe they could put up a sign saying the area is being monitered with cameras (even if it's not) so the idiot will be less likely to do it.  If I ever caught anyone doing that there would be physical violence, I wouldn't care how young they were!  >


I am very happy for you and all your fish. 8)



I'm glad you're rescuing a Betta. That makes me mad there were 3 Bettas in the same cup...some people are just plain idiots...grrrr >

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