New betta, expert advice needed

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My husband surpised me with a pretty betta girl I had my eye on. She looked so pitiful in that cup.
She came to me with torn fins, so I am coming to the experts for help. Is this fin rot?
The meds I have on hand are Junlge Fungus Eliminator and BettaFix.
Also, any idea on what kind she is?

Tank info:
Jan 30th......from store cup to heated (2g?) bowl

Feb. 3rd.......moved her to 5 gallon hex (modified with 5-10 filter, also modified to decrease the outflow current)
ammonia 0, nitrate, 0, nitrate 5

She is eating and very active, she had stress lines after the move, but they are fading and her color is returning.
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Sounds like things are going well. Her fins don't look like they're rotting to me, but I have never seen finrot, so I couldn't tell you for sure. To me, they just look like they were scraped across the bottom of a tiny cup way too many times.

Congratulations on the adoption.
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She's beautiful!!

For minor ragged fins, clean water is usually sufficient for them to heal. I don't like to medicate unless really necessary.
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You are doing all things good for her, and she's a beauty for sure. Did you name her yet? Let us know. You have a sweet hubby, too give him a big:-*
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i've seen fin rot only once and it was Years ago.. if I recall correctly the fish looked like they had jelly blobs around their tails along with fin disappearing(rotting).I don't see that in these pics. so I personally wouldn't medicate her...
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It doesn't look like she has finrot to me. It looks like it's just a little tattered. What do you have her water temp at? Her water temp should between 80-82. Nice clean warm water should be fine for her.

I also recommend throwing that bettafix in the trash. It's a less concentrated version of melafix and melafix is pretty much poison to them and all labrynth breathing fish. Here is an article you can read about it. A few members including myself have lost a betta tragically due to this medication. Please do not use it. There are other meds out there that are much better to use for finrot if you need to medicate.

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I did not know that. Thank you Natalie.
I specifically asked for a betta-safe med at a fish store that takes good care of their fish, and they recommended bettafix.
I am not happy.
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You're very welcome. Always willing to help if I can. Natalie
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Thanks everyone, I am so relieved. I'm glad I checked here before doing anything.
I don't know how to multiple quote, so, I'll do it this way.

Drea: She told me her name is Prisilla, hehe..... and yes he got a big :-*

Natalie: Her water is at 82. I'll take the Bettafix back, it's unopened and I have the receipt.

Does anyone know what kind she is?
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She's beautiful... I have yet to see blue/turquoise girls here in Melbourne - I saw some beautiful ones interstate that I wanted to take home, but I think the guys at Virgin Blue Airlines might have objected. Beautiful girl - even more so when she's healed up!
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She is a lovely little Halfmoon female from what I can see of her. She is a very unusual color for her species. They do tend more to reds and blacks. She is very lovely and has chosen a beautiful name for herself. Welcome to you both and congratulations to you both. To you for having such fine husband who obviously loves you so much to make you such a wonderful gift and to her for finding such a loving and wonderful home.

Welcome to Fishlore and please do keep us well up on her progress. She does not look like she has finrot but if she did have it, the safest meds would be in the Maracyn, Maracyn II, Maracyn Plus, Triple Sulfa, TrI Sulfa, Fish Protector, (Maracyn Plus and Triple Sulfa are my favorites) line. But another thing that works the greatest is just plain keeping everything as clean as possible and frequent water changes to make sure that the water is pristine. Healthy fins respond to really clean water and tanks. Temperatures in tanks matter for fins too. They should never be less than 26C or 78F as cool water promotes finrot. Temperatures over 28C or 80F cause their metabolism to speed up and can cause their lifespan to shorten as they tend to use up their lifetime quicker. The only time we recommend a temperature over this is when needed to treat diseases like Ich or Velvet.

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Thanks everyone, I am so relieved. I'm glad I checked here before doing anything.
I don't know how to multiple quote, so, I'll do it this way.

See down at the bottom left, the quote , and " symbol?

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Thank you for your kind words and advice, Rose. I've adjusted the temp. just a smidge for now, tomorrow I will turn it down further, if needed, so I can monitor it.
At certain angles, I can see a reddish color in her fins.

Susitna Flower, thank you, I'm learning so much.
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She's not got finrot. She looks SO much like one of our females Sweetie, who we rescued when she had tremendous fin damage. Vitachem and/or Fish Protector along with clean, filtered water of about 80F will have her fins at 100% but even without vitachem or fish protector, the females tend to heal pretty quickly and I'd say her fin damage is minor and she'll be healed up before long.

I'm glad you moved her to a tank and would recommend a tank over a bowl for any Betta, partly because it's easier to put a filter and heater on a tank and I think it's easier for us to see them and for them to see us when they're in a tank - the bowls create such distortion and Betta have eyesight a bit different from ours. Her bonding and interaction with you will be much more in her tank. ;D
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That's great! All good news. I love this fish, such personality!
Is Fish Protector a brand name?
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Fish Protector is a professional water conditioner made by Kordon. It's a great product and one I'd recommend to anyone.

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