New Betta Baby!!

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I got a new baby yesterday!

A crown tail male betta from petsmart and he's super small!!
He's black w/ shades of blue and green and a dusting of red in spots
he's very camera shy right now but when he gets use to his new surroundings maybe he will pose!!

I got him a bubble wall and a bubbling rock wall (very smooth) and he's not vrey sure about them yet either! I have plastic over the filter *cant think of what its called ATM* and he hides behind the plastic when the filters off!

He's so small and weak its so funny to watchin him w/ the bubbles on!!

anyone have advice on getting him to find the food in his tank? He is very skiddish so he runs and hides when his tank is opened so he doesn't see the food go in!
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Congratulations on the new Crowntail and my only suggestion on the food is give him time to settle down and do not worry. He can do without food for a time while he is settling in and getting over being afraid. Let him settle down before you worry about him eating a lot. Put a piece or two of food into the tank and he will find it if he wants it and if he does not then remove it later when he is not watching you.

Now, one more thing, you said something about "when the filters off". Why is the filter off? Of all the things in your tank, the filter is the one thing that should never be off unless you are doing tank maintenance or your cycle will fail and you will start to have ammonia in your tank that could kill him. The filter is the one part of the tank that is keeping the tank healthy for him to be there and it has to remain in operation all the time to work and maintain the beneficial bacteria so please do not turn it off unless it needs to be worked on. It only takes 30 minutes for the cycle to begin to degrade when the filter is turned off so this is important. Now I am finished with my little lecture and I am sorry if I misunderstood but I thought if you did not realize this you should have a reminder.

I do want to say that I am so happy for you and hope that he is a real joy to you.

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Thank you!
He did eat 2 pellets tonight for my mom!

I really didnt know that about the filter ty!! I plugged it in ASAP after I read that!! I put a gang valve in my cart @ petsmart but it didnt make it onto the receipt so I'm fixing to order one to help keep the bubbles under control while he builds up his muscles!

also has anyone ever used Atison's Betta SPA it has almond leaf extract in it, healthy for betta?
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Congrats on the new betta baby
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Thank you!!
I can't wait till he will pose for a picture he's so pretty!!
and there is white growth (new growth) on his fins so I can't wait til they get bigger they will be so pretty!
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Congrats on your new Betta!

Betta Spa is fine for them, we don't use it with our Splendens but do with our wild Bettas.

I find that with our Bettas, the best thing to feed them first is thawed frozen HikarI bloodworms. If you have a pair of tweezers or aquarium tongs (with rounded edges) you can use them to hold the bloodworms so that he can see them and swim to them. He will learn VERY quickly about food.
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I did happen to read in your tank information that you are keeping your tank at 75 degrees and that is a tiny bit too cool for your baby. He needs to be just a shade bit warmer to be comfy. Do you think you could raise his temperature about a degree every 2 hours or so until you get it to 78 to 80 degrees? 80 degrees is considered pretty much perfect for them but 78 to 80 is acceptable. Below that you risk getting Ich or Velvet or some finrot or cool water problems with him and above that his metabolism speeds up to the point that he will literally live his life quicker than he should and shorten his life cycle. Bettas have specific needs as far as temperature goes and so I thought you may want to know about this.

I am glad to hear that he is growing finnage and can hardly wait to see pictures of him as you know that we do love pictures.

Do you have a name for him yet?

Since his tank is not cycled probably since the filter was not running you will also need to watch the ammonia levels closely as he is a young betta and will maybe need to have frequent water changes done until he has a good Nitrogen Cycle completed. Do you have a test kit for the ammonia level in the tank? If not then I would suggest doing a daily water change to be on the safe side as ammonia can build up very quickly and become toxic and we would not want anything happening to the little mite. When I got my first betta and did not know about Fishlore and had not a clue about the cycle process, I think the daily water changes I did were the only thing that got us through. I just did them out of ignorance but they were the right thing to do and it worked.

I realize I am asking a lot but like I mentioned in another thread the other day, ammonia is the #1 killer of fish and his filter is not ready for handling it so you will need to do it for him.

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Hope your get that temp up a little, and get some pics of teh little guy, bettas are beutiful, and this one sounds really cool, don't see many with white on the fins.
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He's a very active lil betta

His name is Bubblez because he has a bubbly personality!!

The temp is up to 79 right now, I hate my heater it varies bettween 75-81 idk why!! I need to order a new one even though this ones only 2 weeks old!!

I did an ammonia test and it was all ok
I did a very small water change last night

I did manage to snag a few shots not very good though he was very shy! They really don't do much justice to his amazing color! Maybe after few more days in his new castle he will want to be shown off!
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Wow! He's stunning! Is he as green as it looks in that picture? It'll be fun watching him grow..
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How pretty, I have never seen one that GREEN. Usually they are more turquoise. Congrats on the new fish!
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That's a really pretty emerald color...lucky!
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Oh my goodness, you scored a green boy!! Congratulations - if he's really that green, he's one of hard-to-find ones!
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Yup he's really that amazing green
he was the only baby they had!
he also has those petty red fins on the bottom and a light dusting of red on a few of his fins wihch doesn't appear in the pictures
and hes a lot smaller than he looks in the pictures too!!

I love my bubblez!!
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Wow he's the greenest betta I've ever seen and looking forward to more pix! Congrats!
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Wow - what a green in him! I wonder what color fry he'd throw with a copper female? Would be an expensive and exhausting question to answer - but congrats on one amazing Betta!
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Love that green, almost as much as the bright red I've seen on some bettas.
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I would give my right arm for a green like that!!! Congratulations!!! He is a beauty. I am GREEN with envy

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I want a green betta!!!!
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I'm so glad everyone loves him!
I just took more pictures will post them in a sec

I think he knows he's special he prances around in his tank and he's starting to follow my finger he's not so scared anymore

I just ordered some HikarI Betta Bio-Gold Fish Food since petsmart was out when I got bubblez on sunday and a gang valve to help w/ the strength of his bubbles
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Rose, correct me if I'm wrong, but is he a Double-Ray Combtail, possibly HM or SD?
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a huh?
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Yes he is a straight up Double ray Crowntail betta and a lovely shade of green and I have now found another one to be totally

GREEN with envy over. Oh my....maybe someday. Congratulations on such a lovely little Crowntail.

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He is definitely amazing. A halfmoon (HM) or super delta (SD) refers to how big of an angle his tail fin makes.
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ahh ok!!

I love his fins and his color i'm glad he found me!!

petsmart had some truely amazing colors of bettas!!

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