New Betta At Bottom Of Tank


So about 36 hrs ago I got a white female halfmoon from Petsmart that seemed to be still young, as she is barely half the size / fin size of my other female from a while ago. This new little female was pretty active in her cup in the store, even with tons of this white floating “fuzzy” sediment in her cup. When I got home I put her in a .5 gal drum bowl with the intention of moving her to a heated / filtered setup with a couple neons in it after I had treated her with API Bettafix because she seems to have a mild case of fin rot. The tank has gravel and a moss ball in it, but I didn’t want to add a larger plant because it’s so small and only temporary. So the problem is that she is for the most part lying on the gravel, not moving besides her gills. She usually reacts a bit when I put my finger against the glass but only moves to go very rapidly to the surface for air and then back down in a similar position. She sometimes glass surfs for a few seconds but returns to this postition. I have gotten her to eat a couple flakes of food yesterday, but today when I got her up to the surface long enough to notice the food, she spit it back out and returned to the bottom. Sometimes she also hangs at the top, but when she does this I noticed that her body is in a sort of crescent shape, like with her head up and tail down. She does not unclamp her fins at all, either, this entire time. She almost seems to swim in this crescent shape, too. Could her odd swimming and laying down be swim bladder disease or something, though I thought fish often lay upside down when there’s a problem with the swim bladder? Is the not eating, not moving, and fin clamping just from the stress of a new, more open environment and travel? Would she swim more / dart around less when I move her to a larger, heated tank? If she has swim bladder disease from bacteria, would Seachem Kanaplex or Tetra Lifeguard help?


Are you familiar with the nitrogen cycle?

If so, did you cycle your tank before you got your betta?

PS. Bettafix is useless, it is not a medication, it is a watered down version of Melafix (also useless) and is a waste of money


Maybe she stress with her new environment, don't force her to much and give her sometimes to adapt. Just like my boy when I got him and two days later he almost never stop moving around even jump and eat from my finger.

Rohit mess

How is she now? And what are the readings of tank? It can be related to nitrogen cycle or stress due to new environment.
Stress can be reduced by keeping tank in darker area or just wrapping a towel around it. (Atleast 12 hours)
I have used it and it did help my betta.
He also mostly laid at bottom for a day without eating or swimming, and onky hiding.

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