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Discussion in 'Cats' started by Isabella, May 17, 2006.

  1. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    I just got myself a new kitty baby girl :) I was going to wait until the late spring for a pure breed Siamese snowshoe with blue eyes from a local breeder, but when I walked into my local pet shop today and saw this tiny beauty sitting and crying in a cage ... my heart just started to melt ... I couldn't leave it there. I had to get it on the spot! Now my lonely cat (Tiger) will finally have a companion in place of my other lost cat. Meet my new kitty girl :) Haven't named her yet. She's about 2 months old and she's already incredibly sweet! :) I am so happy to have her ;D Blue-eyed Siamese or not ... they're all cats and I love them all the same :)

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  2. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Oh Isabella!!! Shes beautiful!!! She looks like she has a smudge of paint on her nose!!!
    I hope tiger enjoys his new companion.

  3. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    Ahhh Carol, she is so adorable! She is so gentle and lovely. I only had her for one day and I already cannot imagine my home without her :) All of my family loves her! I think she really appreciates that I took her home - she does NOT seem to miss the pet store with other kittens at all. She seems to love the house and is running around everywhere and playing with all of my family members. She doesn't meow except when she wants to eat and when she wants someone to be with her. I noticed she doesn't like being alone and if she is, she will cry for attention, lol. She really looks into the eyes when you talk to her and she listens carefully. I think we'll name her Spot/Spotty or Dot/Dotty because of the "paint" mark on her nose. And she's got black and orange patches on her entire body. Or maybe Miss Patches? LOL, we'll see :) Well, I better stop writing about her because I will never end this way. I can talk about every pet like this. Can't help being a total animal freak! As for Tiger, he's being very careful toward her so far. However, he's VERY aware of a new presence in our home and wherever he goes he looks around if she's not there, haha. He's not used to her yet but that's just one day. He'll get used to her and will love her, just like he did with the other Kitty that's now lost. Anyway, ENOUGH of my babble already, lol.

  4. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    I know I'm the same way about mama cat and buddy. My friends just give each other that "she's gone around the bend" look when I get started about abandoed animals and the whole spay/neuter/adoption issue.
  5. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    Isabella, she is so beautiful! She knows how to pose already and everything. Such a little lady. Do send us pictures of her every so often so we can watch her grow up. I love cats :D. They have been allowed to run wild in this area and I have 3 mother cats who have kittens every year under my front porch. I have not been able to catch a single one of them or they would have been spayed as I share the opinion that to allow them to breed incessantly is wrong, but these little ones have been wild for so long there is no getting near them. I put food out for them and see that they have water while they are here. (they never stay), but that is all I have been able to do for them.

    Your little girl would do very well with you. You have such a kind and gentle nature with your pets. I can see that they truly become family to you. Congratulations on your new addition. I do not believe you will regret not waiting, she looks so sweet.

  6. ncjeValued MemberMember

    Yeah have to admit thats a pretty cute looking kitty.
  7. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    Rose, most definitely. That is, my pets ARE like family to me. In our home, we treat pets with love and kindness, and we do not tolerate ANY animal abuse. Our pets really are our family. They deserve love because of the amount of affection and devotion they show you. Animals are incapable of hatred, jealousy, or evil as human beings are, and if they attack it's only out of fear or hunger. Many people don't understand that. I cant describe in words how much I love animals. I already wrote it in another post, that simple watching a malnourished animal on TV can make me cry (not to mention watching some poor abused animal). I could never understand people who have the guts to hurt innocent animals in any way. I'd punish literally all of them worldwide if only I had the power to do this!
  8. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    Here is an update about my kitty. I have 3 new pictures of her. She is now almost 3 months old. But there is BAD news :( When I bought her the store guaranteed she is healthy and gave us a "free first vet visit" coupon, or something of the sort, to some assigned veterinarian. So we took her to the vet 2 days after we bought her. The vet said she is very sick and is suspecting feline leukemia. But she seems very healthy to me (but ... I am not the doctor here). The vet did various tests on her, and said that while they didn't directly indicate leukemia, she thinks it may be it and that we need a confirmation from tests we'll have to perform again. We did the test again yesterday (about a month later) and it came out much better. We will repeat the test in one month again, to be finally certain whether she is sick or not. If it is indeed feline leukemia, we will not be able to keep her with us, as she will infect our other cat that we have. Feline leukemia is highly infectious among cats :'( I have spent already a lot of money on medicating her, but I love animals so much that I will pay. I love this little cat. If she is sick, I will be VERY sad to have to give her away (either to a shelter or to someone who doesn't have other cats at home and will be willing to take her). Right now, we're keeping her separated from our other cat, until the final tests prove whether she is really sick or not. I really hope she is healthy. I sometimes wonder if the vet isn't doing this on purpose to make a lot of money off me? But I hope not. I am very angry at the store, they asserted she is healthy, and now the vet says she is not. I had to spend lots of money on medicating her. If we didn't have the other cat, we'd most definitely keep her with us even if she turned out sick. But the way the things are, we cannot risk our other cat getting sick as well. Well, I really hope the final tests will come out good for her as we all already love her so much. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. The store should get what it deserves for selling sick cats and saying they're perfectly healthy. They're lucky I am not the kind of person that likes to sue everyone around me for everything, but for what they did they could be in a big trouble if someone wanted to sue them. I know I'd win, and they'd have to pay me back all the money I spent on the vet care. Anyway, here are her latest photos:

    (Seems like I have no luck with cats :( First, the other cat was stolen, and now the vet suspect feline leukemia in a little innocent and beautiful kitty :( If she turns out sick and I'll have to give her away; I'll never again buy any pets from any pet shop. I'll get a cat from a professional breeder, or from somewhere I know the cats are healthy.)

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  9. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Isabella I'm so sorry!! She's such a sweety. The store should hsve to reimburse your money since they certified her healthy. If your uncomfortable with this vet can you take her to another? I'm so sorry, it just makes my heart hurt!
  10. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    I know the store should return my money, but I am just so sick of it all that I don't even want to go back there and argue with them. I don't even want to look at them, not one time. I just hope they get what they deserve one day. Not every person will be as forgiving as I am, and they'll be eventually sued by someone if they keep selling sick cats and saying the cats are healthy. Plus, I don't have the time to sue people right now. I have more important things to do (though I know they owe me money). Well, I'm still waiting for final tests for my kitty, so we'll see.
  11. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    I will send you both my best thoughts every day. I am so sorry. Loved family pets are the easiest way sometimes to be taken advantage of and I think this is how some of these unscrupulous stores cash in. They catch people at their weakest a lot of the time and really sell them a bill of goods. :mad:

    Shis is still a lovely little kitten. I do hope that you get to keep her. That and for her health are my wishes for the day :).

  12. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    Thank you Rose for the kind words :)
  13. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    UPDATE: I haven't yet taken her for the test. She seems SO HEALTHY to me that I really do not believe anymore she is sick. I've allowed her to be with my other cat. They just love each other. It's so cute when they play together. Even if she turns out sick, I am NOT giving her away. NEVER. Period. I think the vet was trying to make a lot of money off me, which she in fact did.

    If she were really so sick as the vet said she is and if the disease were so contagious, both of my cats would be DEAD long ago. They're both fine and happy. It's been many months already and I remember the vet saying the disease kills kittens very fast and they don't live up to even a few months with this disease. She's almost 5 months. I believe I was lied to.
  14. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    I am so glad she is doing well. She is beautiful little thing. I was praying she would be okay and be able to have a long and loving life. It makes me so sad when the people who love their pets lose them, and this little one certainly deserves to have a long and happy life.

  15. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    Thank you so much Rose. I really believe she is healthy. But if by some chance it turns out she is not (which I hope will NEVER happen!), I am not giving her away, no matter what. If she's to die, at least she'll die at home, where everyone loves her. Better short life but knowing she was loved than long life at some shelter without love. We are so attached to her now (anyway, we were from the first minute we saw her!). I won't let her be in some shelter where she knows no one and where no one will love her, no way. Though I feel so sorry for all the cats and dogs in shelters that will never be adopted - if I could save them all, I REALLY REALLY would do that! I'd be so happy knowing all animals in the world are safe and loved. But that, unfortunately, will never be the case in our world that is often so cruel with respect to animals (as well to human beings themselves - think of all the wars and suffering). It makes me cry just thinking about the suffering of so many animals, every single day, around the world.
  16. SunnShadowValued MemberMember

    If, in fact, your little kitty does have feline leukemia, she can still live a long and happy life, and it is not as contagious as some people think.
    When I was in jr. high school, I found a kitten and took him home to my parents (then) three-cat home. Over ten years later it was found that Moses (the "kitten") had feline leukemia. My parents did everything imaginable to make his life easier from that point, and only had him "put to sleep" when it semed he had no joy left in life. The other three cats never developed the disease, even though they had never been vaccinated. Moses lived to be over 13 years old. The other cats lived to be between 17 and 20 years of age (cancer struck down my mom's cat).
    Cats can carry the virus, some are immune to it naturally, and some that get it can live very long and happy lives. My suggestion to you is to keep your kitty, give her all the love you can. If she has the dreaded FLV, your other cat has already been exposed, so there is no point in giving her away now. You're already so attached to her, and she obviously adores you.

    BTW..... if the vet needs more tests to make sure, he/she is just taking advantage of you and taking your money. One test is all it takes to know for sure.

  17. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    Really? What a relief to hear all of this! THANK YOU SunnShadow :) She had been in the same house as my older cat for 2-3 months now and he seems very healthy, as always. She also has really no signs of any disease to me. What the vet said, when I asked her exactly what the first test's results were and if she were 100% positive for feline leukemia, the vet said the test did not indicate leukemia but that the vet was NEVERTHELESS worried that she may have it because of her bad blood count. Then she said, we'll need to repeat the tests to make sure she's healthy (or not). This was also what was strange to me. Why so many tests? We did the tests for the second time and the vet said the blood count was much better but not yet good. She said to come for the third test ... and I suppose the third time she'd say the test came out very good? But, I don't believe this vet anymore and I am going to take her to another vet for further health care. If she indeed turns out sick, I don't care anymore. I AM keeping her, no matter what - love her too much to give her away. The vet said the disease is "extremely contagious" and somehow my older cat is as healthy as ever. He should be sick if the disease is "so contagious".
  18. SunnShadowValued MemberMember

    Are her ears pink, white, or yellow on the inside? How about her gums? Does she seem extremely skinny or is she a healthy weight? These are the things to watch for if you are worried about FLV. The disease seems to affect the kidneys the most. Try to watch how often she uses the litterbox, although kittens use it more than adult cats.....
    Like I said before, the disease/virus can be carried a long time before truly showing itself, or it may never show itself. But the first test should have determined 100% wether she has it or not. I'd get a new vet, if I were you. With Moses, the vet only had to look at his ears and teeth to be pretty sure. He did the bloodwork only to make 100% certain of his diagnoses.
    I hope your kitty is well, and may she bring you many years of happiness!!

  19. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    Thank you once again :). Her teeth are white (to me), her gums are pink and healthy (no sores), her eyes (the inside lids that cats have) are pinkish-white. She is NOT skinny - she has a very healthy weight (but she's not obese either). She is defecating normally and eating normally. She threw up once or twice when she had way too much food (I think every cat does that, especially with the hairballs).

    My other cat's inner eyelids are white with a black stripe end but he has a different eye color and he is a different breed - he's a tabby (with longer fur on his belly). And she is a calico shorthair - the area around her eyes is all white, so the inner eyelids have no pigment but just pinkish-white. Is that pinkish-white an indication of a disease?

    P.S. She'd die out there if we gave her away! She is so used to us by now, and we to her as well. I just CANNOT imagine giving her away. She is such a darling little creature - she learned to talk to us already :) Will meow real loud if wants food, will lick your face all over if wants you to pet her, plus a thousand other things! She has such a personality :) LOVE HER :)
  20. SunnShadowValued MemberMember

    It's when you see yellow that you need to worry. If the insides of her ears turn a yellowish color, if her gums are whitish-yellow, or if the white part of her eyes turns yellow. Also, if she starts to lose teeth, at her young age. But if her gums are pink, and she is eating well and not losing weight, I really wouldn't worry.
    Again, she could test positive for FLV and not show symptoms for years and years. The same with your other cat. FLV is much like the AIDS virus. One can live for years with it, even live a full and happy life. It's when you get a seconary infection that it hits you.
    Maybe take your other cat to a different vet, one you trust, and have him tested. Then, maybe have him vaccinated against FLV. (But, if he has it, don't automatically blame the kitten. Maybe he had it from kittenhood.........)
    Cats throw up all the time. My Pretty can't seem to digest canned cat food. I give her canned tuna and she's fine. Also eating too fast can cause a cat to throw up......


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