New baby fry


HI all,

allow me to introduce myself first.
I am K from Ireland and am new to fish keeping.

I started to cycle a 110 litre (26 gallon) tank a month ago.
I did 10 days of cycling without fish and 18 days with four platy's.

I have 6 platy's now.

My readings are:
ammonia - almost 0
nitrite - 0
nitrates - 8-9
ph - 7
temperature - 26 degrees celsius

My platy's are all happy.
I bought them young.
I have five females and one male.

One of the females was pregnant (but she did not have a gravid spot)
(I had bought a 20 litre nano tank in the hope of keeping fry.)

I put my nano filter in the main tank yesterday and I was watching the pregnant female and a fry shot out and hide under a rock. I checked her again for a few hours and saw no gravid spot, checked the internet and read of young plates birthing fry at intervals.

I woke this morning and saw she had given birth. I checked the tank and found just one fry, which I put into a plastic bag with some hornwort and sat in the tank.

The fry is there right now.

I set up my nano tank - added water from my main tank and put on the heater.
I added some hornwort and a thermometer for reading.
I don't think the media in the filter is mature enough to transfer to the nano (I think that takes a while).
I do have a plain sponge that I have had in the main tank for a few weeks that I could transfer if needed but
I don't know if that would be enough.

would the nano filter be ok or would he fry need more media?

thanks for reading.


HI and welcome,

Such a small bio load of one fry will be fine with the nano even if it's not cycled try not to over feed keep an eye on the levels.



Platy fry are very good at hiding so it would be worth checking your main tank every now and then for any further fry over the next few days.

There is also a good product called liquifry than I have used in the past to supplement my platy fry - I assume this is available in Ireland.

Good luck with your fry and welcome to the forums

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Thank you, Littlebuddha
I was a bit unsure of the intake of the filter in the nano tank so I decided on a breeding net.

She's still pregnant - I have two platy's that look very alike and mistook one for the other.
I saw the her dropping one fry last night.
The weird thing is people say look for the gravid spot but she didn't and doesn't have one, yet.

She's only a few months old, I think.

I went to my LFS and he didn't have food for fry. He said to grind flakes. I fed the little one and she ate a bit.

I asked about moving the pregnant mother but she might eat the fry. The guy at the LFS said that with plants, the fry would be ok. I have Hornwort in there at the minute.

& Thank you for your welcome, Divus


If you do decide to swap to the tank you can cover the intake with a sponge or filter wool it only sightly reduces flow rates but will solve the problem.



Welcome to Fishlore!

I have two female platys, and I've never seen them give birth, so I don't know how many they actually birth at a time, but I find a new survivor about once a month. I haven't removed any of them from the main tank, and I've currently got 4 little babies swimming around...yes, they've very good at hiding, but it only took them a couple weeks to come out and start swimming with the other fish.


Welcome to Fishlore!! I have fed crushed flakes to platy fry before and it works well! I put a flake in the palm of my hand and crush it up by scratching it up with my fingernail. Makes it into flake dust, which fry can eat.

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