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    I didn't think my molly was actually pregnant, but I walked but the tank today and saw a little fish against the glass. I think I may have screamed, it was such a shock, and I thought it was dead. I grabbed a net and scooped out whatever I saw, but I know a lot were probably eaten by the other fish (The guppies looked suspiciously pudgy for so long after feeding time). I now have 14 black molly fry in a fry net, and they can't be more than a few hours old. It's my first time raising lots of fry, I have some questions, if anyone can help me...
    • Is it normal for some to lay at the bottom of the net for a while? About half are swimming around but the others lay on net, moving just enough to go to the other side.
    • I squished up some fish flakes and threw them in, but most didn't seem to be interested. How long until they eat?
    • Should I buy fry food? I'm short on cash and I don't want to be buying anything extra if I can just feed them powdered flakes. If so, what should I buy?
    • How early can I expect to tell male from female? At what point should I separate them?

    I'll probably keep one or two females, I'm giving a few to my cousin and some kids across the street in a few weeks. I'd rather not have any more surprises!
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    Congrats on the babies.
    Just so you know your female mollie is still pregnant and will most likely have more babies in 28-35 days. Females can store sperm for up to 6 months, so even if you don't have a male and bought it from a pet store it is most likely pregnant and will be giving you many more surprises.
    You can feed the fry crushed/powdered flake food.
    It can take a few months for the fry to develop so you can tell males and females. I haven't had mollies in a long time so someone else will have to give the actual time. Once the fry start to develop their analfins and you can see them fully then you can separate them. The females will have more fan shaped analfins and the males will develop a more stick shaped analfin. Sometimes males are slow developing so be careful if you are separating the males and females (keep checking the female section for the odd male)
    Good luck with your fry.
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    that's exciting News!! Congrats! I had a batch of guppies who spent the first day at the bottom is the breeder net... after a day they started to swim. They might just need a bit of time. Do they still have their egg sac thing?

    Good luck with the new babies!!
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    I don't think fry food is absolutely necessary, but it may have more protein which is better for the fry. I'm pretty sure very finely crushed flakes will work too.
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    i am picturing you walking by your tank... glancing and then shrieking like a banshee.. and now i am loling
  6. OP

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    I did, I'd never seen a baby molly and it looked like a dead fish pinned against the glass. More are swimming at the top now, and I added a bit more food.
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    You really should invest in some fry food. You can pick it up at Petco for less that $3.50. It will GREATLY reduce the risk of stunted growth, malnutrition, deformities etc. That can occur from not getting the right type of diet. Unless you have New Life Spectrum micro pellets that you can grind up even finer.

    EDIT: Here ya go, this is the fry food that I am talking about. It should be fed to them for about the first 3 weeks around 4 times a day. Sparingly. You can use a turkey baster to siphon out any uneaten food after they are done eating. Good luck with your babies~!!
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